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Located on the roof of the Turkcell Stage, Sky Lounge offers a 900 m2 usage area. The venue has a service area, bar area, kitchen, elevator and staircase access from two sides. The 18x24 m truss system with 3 cross axles and a truss height of up to 8 m can accommodate up to 500 standing guests.

Sky Lounge has hosted many events including the International Architects of the Year Award Ceremony, TÜHİD Golden Compass Award Ceremony, Luminaries Conference, Space’22, Palo Alto Networking Special Event, SEY Foundation Future Talks, Climate Summit, TEDx Bahçeşehir, OnGame Istanbul, YETGEN Teacher Training Program and “The Phantom of the Opera” event organized by Garanti Bank for private banking customers. Sky Lounge, which was also home to the Digital Revolution Exhibition, can be used for many different types of events.

PSM 360

Zorlu PSM içerisinde yer alan kiralanabilir alanlarımızı adresinde yer alan 360 derece sanal turumuzla keşfedebilirsiniz.