For ten years, Zorlu Performing Arts Center has been home of many different disciplines of art with the contribution of several artists from around the world. Zorlu PSM continues to contribute to the development of the culture and arts sector in our country with its inspiring, striking, multi-colored structure and its vision of being a global stage, while at the same time increasing artistic and cultural production.

We implement our human resources mission in accordance with Zorlu Performing Arts Center’s vision, mission and values of innovation, dynamism, polyphony, inclusiveness, and reliability. We carry out the recruitment process in line with Zorlu Group’s goals and principles, with the approach of placing the right candidates in the right positions, and within the framework of a policy that ensures equal opportunity. During the recruitment process, we invite suitable candidates for an interview if they have the knowledge, experience and training required by the department where they will be hired.

To discover career opportunities at Zorlu PSM, you can review our current job postings and submit your application on Zorlu PSM’s Career page at