We introduce more people to culture and arts with our "My First Concert, My First Theater Play at PSM” project.

Leveraging its 10-year experience, Zorlu PSM is running a social benefit project that aims to bridge the gap between the wider society and art. With a view to encouraging people to make more room for art in their lives, we welcome adults and children who live in disadvantaged areas in Istanbul and who have never been to a concert or theater play in their life, to our concerts and theater performances at PSM as part of the “My First Concert, My First Theater Play at PSM” project implemented in partnership with expert NGOs SosyalBen and Community Volunteers Foundation. We recognize that culture and arts activities possess a transformative power to foster empathy and better ways to co-exist. In a world where every organization is accountable for creating a better life for both themselves and others, we too recognize our responsibility and strive to fulfill it. As an organization dedicated to improving culture and arts, Zorlu PSM will further facilitate the access of different segments of society to high-quality culture and arts activities.

We work towards ensuring the sustainability of theater with PSM Atölye.

We afford people the opportunity to participate in events held as part of our PSM Atölye project, which we launched with the aim of contributing to the sustainability of theater and introducing the sector to multi-disciplinary and innovative people, free of charge. The PSM Atölye offers theoretical and practical training in Dramatic Writing, Theater Directing, and Theater Production to participants aged between 18-30. Local and foreign instructors, who are experts in their respective fields, conduct these trainings over a 7-month period.

With the “My No-Show Seat” project, we offer students the opportunity to attend the events for 5 TL.

Zorlu PSM acknowledges the indisputable fact that young people account for a significant portion of art-enthusiasts. Our “My No-Show Seat” project, which we launched to make art more accessible, continues to afford young people the last minute opportunity to attend our events. In collaboration with Akbank's Tosla application, we offer students who register with the application the opportunity to attend events when they make a symbolic donation of 5 TL to the Community Volunteers Foundation on the same day as the event.