Our Zorlu PSM Sustainability Approach

Created by the Zorlu Family with the belief in the impact of creative industries on the development of countries and individuals, Zorlu PSM is distinctly positioned with its modern, young and innovative identity to emotionally connect with the society and create social benefit as part of Zorlu Group’s Smart Life 2030 sustainability vision. As one of the leading organizations engaged in culture and arts, we strive to serve as a transformative beacon illuminating the path towards reducing inequalities on the social, environmental and economic fronts of our activities.

At Zorlu PSM, we are guided by Zorlu Holding's sustainability approach Smart Life 2030 and empowered by radical collaborations as we invest in human-centric ecosystems and regenerative business models for a better future.

We approach our business practices with a strong sense of responsibility towards protecting the Earth, and we do so through sustainable operations, green habits and a belief in ecosystem thinking. We ensure energy efficiency, make meaningful efforts to reduce our carbon and water footprint, and recycle our waste.

As of June 1, 2021, Zorlu PSM transitioned to clean energy, along with the Zorlu Center complex in which it is situated. We adhere to the principle of energy conservation throughout our premises, including both our stages and all areas ranging from the office to the backstage.

28% of our lighting equipment inventory is comprised of LED bulbs with low energy consumption, and 72% tungsten bulbs with shorter lifespans and higher energy consumption. Within the next four years, we aim to increase the proportion of our LED bulb-based equipment to 50%.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our waste by implementing recycling and waste separation practices. Our Digital Ticket application has allowed us to digitize our ticket purchasing processes, thus minimizing the use of traditional paper tickets by 60%.

Moreover, in order to maintain clean air quality, we utilize UVC (Ultraviolet) technology in HVAC units that operate with 100% fresh air, which is a highly effective method for safeguarding against viruses and bacteria.

Zorlu PSM's direct connection to the metro makes it easily accessible via public transportation.

As part of Zorlu Holding’s sustainability-oriented change and transformation initiative, Smart Life 2030, we launched Eşit Bi’Hayat (Equal Life) to promote gender equality as a core corporate value, with full commitment to the principle of "equal pay for equal work.”

By signing the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint effort by the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact) and the United Nations Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Unit (UN Women) to promote women's participation in economic activities across all sectors and levels, we pledged our support for women's empowerment in all aspects of life.

In 2022, we took a significant step towards achieving gender equality by applying for the Equal Opportunity Model (FEM) certification of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Türkiye (KAGIDER). This certification is aimed at fostering women's entrepreneurship and enhancing women's employment opportunities in Türkiye.

With our 1+1 Accessible Access ticket, we do not charge any ticket fee to the companions of our guests with special needs. If requested, we also provide assistance to guests who arrive at the venue without their companion by accompanying them to their seats.

We provide guests who use a wheelchair with barrier-free access to our stages directly from the entrance at Zorlu PSM. For standing events, we use platform lifts to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs.

We launched a new cooperation with Turkcell, one of our business partners, for our visually impaired guests as part of Turkcell’s My Dream Companion project. Utilizing My Dream Companion’s audio description technology, we offer audio description at some of PSM’s theater productions. We are currently extending this feature to various other plays performed on our Turkcell stages.

Our visually impaired guests can also attend our events with their service dogs.

For more detailed information, please contact Zorlu PSM’s call center.

We remain committed to increasing the number of our projects aimed at bringing art closer to everyone. We welcome adults and children who live in disadvantaged areas in Istanbul and who have never been to a concert or theater play in their life, to our concerts and theater performances at PSM as part of the “My First Concert, My First Theater Play at PSM” project implemented in partnership with expert NGOs, SosyalBen and Community Volunteers Foundation. As an organization with 10 years under its belt dedicated to improving culture and arts, Zorlu PSM aims to further facilitate the access of different segments of society to high-quality culture and arts activities. Zorlu PSM acknowledges the indisputable fact that young people account for a significant portion of art-enthusiasts. Our “My No-Show Seat” project, which we launched to make art more accessible, continues to afford young people the last minute opportunity to attend our events. In collaboration with Akbank's Tosla application, we offer students who register with the application the opportunity to attend events when they make a symbolic donation of 1 TL to the Community Volunteers Foundation on the same day as the event.

We believe in insuring the artists, technicians, and staff working both on and off the stage, in accordance with OHS procedures, as a fundamental principle. Our employees undergo regular OHS training to maintain a safe working environment.

Most workplace accidents occur due to the inability to recognize hazards in the surrounding area. In addition to the primary stage lighting setup, our stages also have work lights in place to ensure optimal visibility for the stage crew. When selecting these lights, we prioritize long-lasting and low-power LED-based lighting solutions.

Zorlu PSM employees actively volunteer as part of the Kıvılcımlar Corporate Volunteering Program, which was initiated by Zorlu Holding with the goal of enabling employees to use their competence and potential for social benefit.

As part of Kıvılcımlar, we collaborate with several non-governmental organizations such as the Science Heroes Association, Association for Child Education, Dem Association, Down Syndrome Association, Empathy Association, Laughter Heals Association, Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer, Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work, Kodluyoruz Association, Basic Needs Association, Tüvana Foundation for the Education of Motivated Children, Tohum Autism Foundation and Spastic Children’s Foundation of Türkiye.

Our corporate training programs promote continuous learning among our employees and raise awareness on 21st century competencies and sustainability.

We offer internship opportunities for young professionals, who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of culture and arts, in their preferred departments.

As a leading and exemplary culture and arts organization, we are constantly expanding our efforts to improve the sector. We recognize the value of quality education for those already working in or looking to launch their career in the field of culture and arts.

To serve this end, we are establishing a new collaboration between our Zorlu PSM Akademi, which offers various HR programs, and Bilgi University, one of the top ranking universities in Türkiye. Through our partnership, we are launching the 'Stage Management' certificate program, which aims to guide those starting or continuing their career in the field of stage management.

As we view our suppliers as vital business partners, we consider it our responsibility to ensure their compliance with internationally accepted environmental, social, and ethical standards and principles. We abide by Zorlu Holding’s Procurement Principles (Principles) when selecting our suppliers. These Principles are based on all applicable national laws and regulations, including those of International Labor Organization’s (“ILO”) and United Nations (“UN”) Conventions, to ensure compliance.

Click here to access the Zorlu Holding Supplier Principles, which outline our environmental and ethical standards, including preventing child labor and forced labor, prevention of discrimination, providing humane treatment, fair remuneration, reasonable working hours, the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, occupational health and safety.

Our commitment to ensuring our suppliers' compliance with the Principles includes offering information, raising awareness, and providing training as needed. During the audit process, we require suppliers to provide transparent documentation demonstrating compliance with the Principles, as necessary.