Zorlu PSM: İstanbul’s culture and arts center that enthusiastically renews itself every year

Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM) has been sharing the excitement of the new season with art lovers for the last 9 years! Already a meeting point for culture, arts and entertainment, Zorlu PSM welcomes not only many prominent artists, but also visitors impatiently waiting for the event while eating & drinking with a background of good music at Amphi, reflecting the excitement while entering the performance hall, and leaving the venue with smiling faces. With approximately 150 employees devoted to art, PSM continues to renew itself and surprise its visitors.

9 full seasons and 9 unforgettable years with an average of 3 events per day!

Having reached more than 5 million art lovers in 9 years, Zorlu PSM increased the number of events from approximately 1,000 in its 9th season to more than 1,200 in the 9th and welcomed more than 650 thousand visitors. Reaching a remarkable daily average of 3 events, PSM hosted a total of 276 performances of 49 plays by 32 theater companies last season. Around 190 thousand people watched the plays at Zorlu PSM, with 5 plays being exclusive PSM productions; Fiddler on the Roof (Damdaki Kemancı), Alice, Şehirde Kimse Yokken, Kum Zambakları.

Zorlu PSM redefines the concept of “festival”!

Curated by PSM for the last 3 years to bring together various music genres in the middle of the city, Mix Festival reached 8,000 visitors last season, with an ever-increasing number of audiences since its launch. Offering new experiences filled with music, creativity and technology, Sónar Istanbul sold out every year, with 10 thousand tickets sold annually. 3-year-old PSM Jazz Festival attracted great attention every season. Adopting the motto “Jazz Festival of All Music”, the festival lasted 5 weeks last year and welcomed 250 musicians, hosted 45 concerts and reached a total of more than 45 thousand visitors. The surprise for the 7th season is the new Neue! Step, “A Fall Festival”. Neoclassical, ambient, minimal, experimental, and avantgarde genres that create the best background for the gloom and melancholy of the fall will take listeners to an expedition to musical borders.

PSM offers 7 venues and many more opportunities...

Turkcell Stage welcomes a great number of art lovers to many events -from festivals to Broadway musicals, concerts of Turkish and foreign musicians, and theater plays- with its 2,200 seated capacity. The venue’s new “On-Stage” concept has a capacity of 3,200 standing and “Hybrid” (both seated and standing) concept increases the capacity to 4,200 people. In addition, 100% Studio, Zorlu PSM’s young and dynamic façade with a capacity of 800 people; Turkcell Platinum Stage, hosting unforgettable events, from festivals to unique performances, plays, and concerts, with a capacity of 700 people; Amphi, one of the most popular venues of Zorlu PSM with a 1,000-capacity for art lovers who are there, come rain or shine; touché, the jazz and comedy club with a capacity of 110 people and many frequenters although opened only last year; Sky Lounge, hosting various events with its impressive atmosphere and aura; and CHEERS, with its flamboyant yet home-like delicious menu and environment also accompany the excitement of the new season.