Zorlu Performing Arts Center celebrates its 10th season! For 10 years, Zorlu PSM has been inspiring people to discover art and transform through it by creating exhilarating artistic experiences and hosting works of art from all around the world.

Through its national and international cultural collaborations and joint works with distinguished institutions and artists, it offers a free, creative, transforming and constantly developing stage for art lovers and fresh art audiences. It offers the artists of today and tomorrow to create opportunities to stimulate their imagination and supports them in their journey.

Celebrating all the artists it has hosted in its 10-year history with the motto “We Love Them All” in its 10th season, Zorlu PSM continues to renew itself and offer surprises with approximately 150 employees who are devoted to the arts.

Zorlu PSM, which has hosted more than five million art lovers to date, undertakes approximately 15% of the cultural and artistic activities in Turkey. Using world-class equipment and offering art lovers exquisite culture and arts events ranging from world-famous musicals to globally renowned musicians, from theaters with major productions to one-man performances, Zorlu PSM acts with the vision of becoming a global stage. It contributes to the development of the culture and arts sector by moving beyond serving as a performing arts center with its innovative, dynamic, up-to-date, reliable, entertaining, polyphonic, inclusive, ambitious, and extraordinary composition. Zorlu PSM offers a unique culture and arts experience in seven different venues.