5 years with Zorlu PSM...

Zorlu PSM – despite its young history – has quickly become a valuable platform where different branches of art come together to meet Istanbul’s request for arts and culture. Hosting magnificent shows, world-renowned musicals, artists and bands, PSM is a “scene” that played and continues to play an important role in turning the city into a center of attraction. It aims to become one of the most prestigious art centers not only in Europe, but also shortly in the world.

Focusing on the universality, diversity and richness of arts since its launch in October 2013, PSM hosted more than 2 million of art lovers in 5,000 events in 5 years. Aiming to complete the current season with 1,100 events and 10% increase in the number of the audience compared to last year, PSM presents an average of 2.7 events daily. Creating an environment that generates approximately 15% of the arts, culture and entertainment industry in Turkey; PSM also offers an always-lively socializing platform to its art-loving guests.

An exceptional arts center creating new festivals

PSM has so far introduced 3 new festivals to music lovers and guests: Sónar İstanbul, MIX Festival and PSM Jazz Festival. In addition, PSM embraces various art forms, from experimental theatre companies to world famous stars, alternative artists, a variety of shows like famous Broadway and West End musicals, and various musical genres such as jazz, techno, rock, electro-pop, progressive rock, post-rock, and metal, with more than 50% of its content being international performances. Especially focusing on theatre plays and musical productions, PSM aims to increase its local content to 60% in the coming period.

7 different contents at 7 different venues

Designed on an area of 55,000 m2, PSM welcomes its visitors at Turkcell Stage with a 2,200 seated, 3,200 standing (on-stage) and 4,200 hybrid (both seated and standing) capacity; Turkcell Platinum Stage with a capacity of 717 seats; %100 Studio with a 200 seated and 800 standing capacity; Sky Lounge with a capacity of 600 seats and 800 standing guests; Zorlu PSM Amfi (open space) with a capacity of 1,000 people; and CHEERS, a social area with a capacity of up to 60 people to enjoy a pleasant and rich menu before and after the events. Having opened its doors in February 2019, jazz club touché offers both delicious tastes and unique musical programs for its guests in a special atmosphere 6 days of the week and, in addition to concerts, presents stand-up comedy shows with a capacity of 120 seats.