What is the maximum capacity of the halls?

Turkcell Stage has two different arrangements as hybrid and standing-on stage. The hybrid model has 4.300 people capacity that the audience can be seated and stand-up; the standing-on stage model has 3.200 people capacity.

In which concert hall and how do your events take place as stand up model? Do you remove seats for that?

Concerts with standing tickets are held on an area of 1,570 square meters on the Turkcell Stage, depending on the capacity of the event. In smaller concerts, the Studio stage is used with a capacity of 750-800 people. No seats are removed for such concerts.

How can I get detailed information about the events?

You can find detailed information about the events via the calender section of our website (, by using the search bar and on the Homepage as well. You can find information about the time and ticket fee of the event on the site of the related event by clicking the "Buy" button.

I forgot my ID, but can I still pick up my ticket at the box office?

Ticket delivery cannot be made without the official identity document of the ticket holder.

When should I be in the saloon before the event starts?

The saloon doors are opened 30-60 minutes before the event. We recommend you to come latest 45 minutes before the event for settling down and enjoying the event with the highest pleasure. You can find the door openning time for the event you will attend on your PDF or printed ticket.

Can I enter the saloon if I come late?

Along with changing according to the event, no entrance is avaliable after event starts. In order not to disturb other visitors and artists, please pay attention to arriving on time.

Can I take photos and/or videos during the event?

It's forbidden to take photos and do any kind of recordings during the event. Cameras and any kind of recorders must be given to the security at the entrance before the event. It is also forbidden to take photos and videos from the front seats at theater.

At what times can tickets be purchased from Zorlu PSM box offices?

You can buy tickets from the ticket office at Zorlu PSM between 10 AM - 10 PM.

Where can I buy tickets for Zorlu PSM events?

You can buy your tickets on, from the relevant ticket sales channels ( and from Zorlu PSM ticket offices.

Can I buy tickets via a credit card?

You can buy your tickets via Visa / Mastercard credit cards from and all other ticket sales channels.

I bought tickets from your website; how can I receive them?

You can pick up your ticket, with a stamp from Ministry of Finance, from the ticket offices at Zorlu PSM, up to one hour before the events, by choosing box office delivery from the sales channels. You can also enter with your purchased tickets by choosing PDF tickets from our sales channels by showing your QR coded PDF tickets to the checkpoints at the entrance of Zorlu PSM event venues via smart phones / tablets. QR coded PDF tickets will be delivered to you as e-mail and SMS after purchase.

Can I book tickets?

Tickets can't be booked for our events.

I forgot/lost my ticket. What can I do?

You can access your QR-coded PDF tickets by logging into your account in the sales channels’ web site, in the “My Tickets” section.

If you have lost your printed ticket, you must come to the box office at the Zorlu PSM. After checking the reference number, identity check and active use of the ticket at the event, you can obtain a copy without the Ministry of Finance stamp.

Can I refund/cancel my ticket or make any changes?

Ticket refund, cancel or any changes can't be made as long as an event is canceled or postponed by Zorlu PSM.

Do you have a discount ticket for students?

Zorlu PSM has discount tickets in its own events. Discount tickets are limited for each event. The number of discount tickets can change according to the event and capacity. Follow us via our Instagram, Twitter accounts and our web site ( as well for current announcements.

Can I choose a seat, when buying a ticket for a seated event?

We do not have this service.

Do you have a discount ticket for retired people?

We do not have this service.

Do you have group discount?

Group selling discount is applied to groups of 20 or more people. For detailed information, you can get into contact via [](mailto://

Can I get information about the transportation and other services of the disabled visitors?

We aim to provide a premium experience to all of our guests coming to Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi. All kinds of ease is provided and well planned in order to host our disabled guests comfortably at Zorlu Performans Merkezi.

Enterance There is a ramp in the entrance of Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi for the guests in wheelchair.

Car park There are special parking places left for the disabled drivers in the Zorlu Center car park area.

Saloons It is possible to sit with wheelchairs at the balcony sections of the saloons with flat entries by removing seats. There is a subtitle system in the saloons for hearing impaired guests. Besides, the saloons are equipped with a new audio system providing our visitors a better hearing by raising the volume in particular areas of the saloon. If our guests with a restricted hearing capacity inform us beforehand, they will be able to benefit from this service.

Services There are low windows at places such as the coat room, reception and box offices in order to help disabled guests while communicating. There are special sections left for the disabled guests in all toilets at 4 corners of each floor of the 3 floored foyer area.

Tickets Our disabled seats are reserved for our guests in wheelchair. Please call our Customer Services line via 0850 222 67 76 for buying tickets for this section. If the capacity is sufficient and the disabled card is presented to the Zorlu PSM team, you can obtain your ticket from Zorlu PSM box office at any time with the reservation number provided to you.

I want to apply for a job at Zorlu PSM. What should I do?

You can make your application in the Career section of our website

Can I get information about renting Venues, Spaces and Foyer areas in Zorlu PSM?

You can get information about the rentable areas using [](mailto:// e-mail address. Your request will be replied by related departments.

I want to rent a venue for an event, who should I contact?

Corporate Sales Department deals with space rental requests for events. For your rental requests, you can contact the Corporate Sales Department by sending an e-mail to [](mailto:// or by filling out the form on the Corporate Rental and Artistic Rental pages on the website,

At the rental events, can we bring our own catering service and technical equipments?

It is not allowed to apply other catering services other than the catering companies we have contracted with as Zorlu PSM. All technical hardware equipments are provided by Zorlu PSM. If you need any technical equipment, you can purchase them from Zorlu PSM.

Where do the festivals take place?

For one or two days long festivals like MIX Festival and Sonar Festival, all venues and foyer areas are actively used in Zorlu PSM.

Is there any age limit to attend the festivals?

At the festivals, the general age limit is 18. However, guests under the age of 18 who have come with a parent can also enter the festivals. Since the age limit may change according to the type of festival, you can follow the rules on the sales page of the festival on

Can I get the contact information of Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi Call Center?

You can reach the Call Center via 0212 912 37 76.

Where should I call for lost/found things?

Things forgotten at Zorlu PSM are gathered at the coat room and are given to the security staff at the end of the day. You can get information about your lost things by calling Zorlu PSM Call Center 0212 912 37 76.

How and where can I get food and drinks at Zorlu PSM?

There are several bars located in the different areas at Zorlu PSM that serves soft drinks and alcohol besides many different fast food and packaged food options. In addition, at the -3 floor, there’s a restaurant / pub called Cheers where you can enjoy your coctails and all other drinks with a selection of foods such as salads, pasta, sea food, burgers, pizza and more. You can buy either before the event or after the event and at the breaks.

**I want to make a reservation for Cheers Pub. What should I do? ** You can arrange your reservations by contacting our call center at 0212 912 37 76 or via [](mailto://

**I want to make a reservation for touché. What should I do? ** You can arrange your reservations by contacting our call center at 0212 912 37 76 or via [](mailto://

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes, the fee is 20 TL per hanger.

Do you accept bags to the event area?

You can leave your bag to the cloakroom. We recommend you to take your valuables with you. Our cloakroom accepts no responsibility for your belongings.