Zorlu PSM is one of the biggest and most equipped performing arts centers in the heart of Istanbul, stretched across a 55.000  area. The venue is made up of the Turkcell Stage hosting 2.200 seated, 3.200 standing and 4.200 both seated and standing guests, the PSM Amfi (outdoors) hosting 1.000 guests, the Turkcell Platinum Stage which seats 717 guests, the Studio which has a capacity of 800 people, the Sky Lounge with a capacity of 750 people, Cheers, the cocktail bar that hosts 50 people before and after the events, Touche, a brand new jazz club which can host 110 guests and 5000m2 foyer area that expands throughout three floors with the capacity of 3.000 guests. (With many indoor stages, an outdoor amphitheater, an exclusive lounge, a cocktail bar, a jazz club and foyer area of almost 5.000 , Zorlu PSM becomes a haven for various events.)

Beyond fulfilling the demand for a widely acclaimed venue, Zorlu PSM not only contributes to the music and arts scene, but it plays an important role in putting Istanbul on the map of the entertainment industry. The easy access and rich program of the venue creates a social, festive environment for the city residents.

With the dedication and excitement of speaking out to different cultures and becoming one of the most sophisticated, well-known performing arts centers of the world, Zorlu PSM focuses on implementing new technologies and keeping up with new developments for its audience.

Since the day it was opened, Zorlu PSM entertained an audience of more than 600.000, in more than 1.200 events. While introducing 3 new festivals to the Turkish audience, Sónar Istanbul, Mix Festival & PSM Jazz Festival; Zorlu PSM hosted a wide variety of shows from experimental theater ensembles to stars who set global trends, from alternative names who embrace genres such as rock, electropop, house and hip-hop, to famous Broadway and West End musicals.