Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival: Jan Garbarek Group Feat. Trilok Gurtu
05 May 2017 - 21:00 - Turkcell Stage

Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival will host Jan Garbarek, a talented jazz saxophonist who also is a renowned representative of classical and world music. Garbarek will be accompanied by renowned Indian percussionist and composer Trilok Gurtu.

Trilok Gurtu is a musician who known with his works that combine the music of home land with jazz fusion, world music and other genres. Having worked with esteemed musicians such as Terje Rypdal, Gary Moore, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Bill Laswell, Maria João & Mário Laginha and Robert Miles throughout his career, Gurtu will accompany Jan Garbarek on the Zorlu PSM stage on May 5th.

Having won a competition for amateur jazz musicians in 1962, Garbarek started his professional music career at the end of the 60s by appearing in the albums of George Russell, the American jazz musician who lived in the Scandinavian countries for a long time. Working with esteemed musicians such as Chick Corea and Don Cherry during the 70s, he made his break Keith Jarrets' quartet, which is known with songs such as My Song and Belonging. His collaboration album with guitarist Ralph Towner titled Dis (1976) gained critical acclaim with the use wind harp.

Continuing his collaboration with talented musicians throughout the 80s, Garbarek worked with bass player Eberhard Weber, as well as guitarists Bill Frisell and David Torn. Starting from the 80s, he started to include elements of world music into his works, collaborating with a variety of musicians such as Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. After Officium (1994), his collaborative work with The Hilliard Ensemble, reached a record number of sales for EMC records, their collaboration continued with Mnemosyne (1999) and Officium Novum (2010). Most recently participating in an album for Eberhard Weber last year, Jan Garbarek's first and only live performance album was released in 2009, with records from his Dresden concert.

Jan Garbarek, an esteemed saxophonist who has left his mark on the jazz, new age and the world music scenes, will meet the Zorlu PSM audience on May 5th. Garbarek will be accompanied by renowned Indian percussionist and composer Trilok Gurtu!


Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival

Istanbul is getting ready to host a brand new festival! Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival, which looks at music from a broad perspective while adopting the polyphony of it, will take place for the first time between May 3rd and 12th!

Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival, which will also feature shades of blues, electronic, ethnic, funk, indie, classic, pop and rock, will position itself in the middle of the art and culture scene of the city between May 3rd and 12th.

Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival, which will take place between May 3rd and 12th, will feature the following line-up full of jazz legends and amazing talents: Chick Corea, the legendary American jazz/fusion pianist and composer, who will share the stage with American jazz drummer Brian Blade and Puerto Rican jazz contrabass player Eddie Gómez; Jan Garbarek,  the Norwegian saxophonist who is considered as the founder of Scandinavian jazz, and Indian percussionist/composer Trilok Gurtu; American jazz, soul and blues artist Beth Hart; Grammy award-winning pianist Michel Camilo and Spanish flamenco virtuoso Tomatito; Stephan Micus, the multi-instrumentalist from Germany who is one of the most esteemed names of contemporary classical music and world music; Brazzaville, the American band which combines indie-pop, bossa nova and chamber pop; Esmerine, the Canadian band which brings together modern chamber music with sub-genres such as drone, post-punk and Turkish folk music; Pantha du Prince, the German producer/composer and conceptual artist; Oriental Wind, the project of Okay Temiz which will harmonize jazz and improvisation with influence from Turkish folklore and sufi music; the concert which will feature the music from Nezih Ünen's documentary Lost Songs of Anatolia being performed by esteemed musicians; Funkbook, the project of Önder Focan and Şallıel Bros, two prominent figures of Turkey's music scene; Gaye Su Akyol, who has continued the success of her debut album Develerle Yaşıyorum in her second one, Hologram İmparatorluğu; Redd, one of the most successful pop/rock bands from Turkey; Gülün / Allulli / De Raymondi, a multicultural project which brings together music from different geographies and Esra Kayıkçı, an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Turkey!

Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival will kickstart a brand new tradition in the art and culture scene of Istanbul with the parties, panels, workshops, record market, open air free events, film and documentary screenings it will host along with breathtaking performances that will cover a diverse range of genres under one roof; jazz!

REGULAR Category 1 - 180.00 TL Category 2 - 155.00 TL Category 3 - 130.00 TL Category 4 - 105.00 TL Category 5 - 80.00 TL ÖĞRENCİ Category 1 - 144.00 TL Category 2 - 124.00 TL Category 3 - 104.00 TL Category 4 - 84.00 TL Category 5 - 64.00 TL
Turkcell Stage

Turkcell Stage, being among the world’s limited numbered most developed performance centers with its technological equipment, provides an exclusive and delighting experience to its guests with its enriched acoustic features.

Turkcell Stage expands to a space of 1.570 m2 in total including the 350 m2 movable area, (with 36 m height, 22 m wideness and 24 m depth) 528 m2 stage and backstage. The stage, formed of 12 separate elevators, comes to the fore with its construction enabling entrance to the under stage entrances. The totally mechanic orchestra pit, also being able to be used as a downstage seating area, is situated so comfortable and huge that it can host the greatest symphony orchestras. Turkcell Stage, with a construction of two balconies and a capacity of 2.190 people, puts the best equipment at the art lovers’ disposal with its advanced technological video, sound and light systems. Zorlu PSM, directing Turkey’s art life significantly, has hosted approximately 1000 performances such as the Cats musical, The Phantom of Opera, Gerard Depardieu, Hugh Jackman, PJ Harvey, Damien Rice and about 1 million audiences since the time it was opened. Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 3500 guests standing. The PSM has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.