04 February 21:00 - touché
Doors: 19.30
Stanpolites: 21.00

Evrim Demirel, one of the well-known composers of the young generation in Turkey, will take the stage with Stanpolites, that they created with Andreas Metzler on double bass and Riccardo Marenghi on drums, at touché on the evening of February 4, to give their audience an unforgettable night!

Evrim Demirel is one of the renowned composers of the young generation in Turkey. He has been a leading figure in using non-western instruments with a western approach. Demirel is known for his citations of styles and using of diverse elements, considered by some as post-modern. He has recently composed an opera about Hittites, an ancient civilisation of eastern Anatolia. Demirel integrates elements of different traditions in his own idiom.

Andreas Metzler

Double bass player Andreas Metzler, who was one of the active names of the Amsterdam jazz scene between 2000 and 2015, settled in Istanbul in 2015.

He played in many national and international events with many musicians such as Metzler, Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, David Friedman, Okay Temiz, Tony Miceli, Benni von Gutzeit, Patrick Manzecchi, John Engels, Hein van der Gaag, Saskia Laroo.

Riccardo Marenghi

Drummer and percussionist Riccardo Marenghi, who has a deep background in many musical genres, graduated in psychology with a master's thesis on ensemble drumming and social music therapy after studying jazz drumming and ensemble playing in Milan (C.E.M.M). He studied African percussion with master drummer Dramane Konate and traveled to Africa (Burkina Faso) to perfect his craft.

In 2010, he moved to Istanbul, where he works actively with many musicians in the field of jazz and world music.

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Zorlu PSM's new club touché, hosting approximately 120 people with a very special menu which appeals to both food and music taste.

Touché, offers a diverse program to its guests, featuring stand-up comedians, local artists, as well as foreign musicians.

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