Sónar Istanbul
02 October 18:00 - 03 October 23:55 - Zorlu PSM
Doors: 17.45

Sónar Istanbul is at Zorlu PSM for the 5th time on October 2 & 3!

Hosting thousands of music lovers for four years, Sónar Istanbul, combining music, creativity and technology, will transform Zorlu PSM into a festival venue for the fifth time. Don't forget to add the dates of October 2 & 3 to your agenda not to miss Sónar Istanbul, which will be held with the support of 100% Music and which attracts attention with its side events that bring together creativity and technology as well as world-renowned artists.

 Acid Arab and 'Climats' Live ft Raphaelle Macaron project, which are among the rare names who managed to create a genre of their own; Christian Löffler & Ensemble, the favorite name of the experimental techno scene in recent years; Kerala Dust from South London, which is trying to bridge the divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting; Mouse on Mars, one of the most vibrant creators of electronic music whose ability to combine sounds and genres has grown richer over the years; SOHN, known for combining electronic music backgrounds with pop hooks and unique vocal melodies; Weval, the creator of music filled with powerful synth hooks, striking rhythmic patterns and expertly placed intensities, Poté with his voice that combines unique cultures, and much more are coming to Sónar Istanbul to come together in the unique atmosphere of Istanbul!

The curtain of the future is being lifted…

Sónar Istanbul, which is one of the experience-oriented events in the festival world with its program that combines music, creativity and technology, will host audio-visual performances by local and foreign artists on the SonarHall and SonarLED stages. The shows, spanning two days, will take place on the stage of SonarLed and SonarHall with a giant 24x6 meter LED screen. 

October 2nd

Dorian Concept

John Talabot (Dj Set)

Kerala Dust

La Fleur

Mouse On Mars (AAI Live)




October 3rd

Acid Arab presents "Climats" live feat. live ft Raphaëlle Macaron

Christian Löffler & Ensemble (live)

Cora Novoa & The Artifacts

Ece Özel

Jennifer Cardini

Nova Persona



Combined Ticket

Yellow Pass Ticket Price: 715,00 ₺

Normal Ticket Price: 506,00 ₺

Student Ticket Price: 341,00 ₺ 

Balcony 1 - Normal - 418,00 ₺

Balcony 1 - Student- 286,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Normal - 330,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Student - 275,00 ₺


DAY1 - October 2nd

Yellow Pass - Daily Ticket Price: 407,00 ₺

Normal - Daily Ticket Price: 275,00 ₺

Student Daily Ticket Price:: 176,00 ₺ (Sınırlı Sayıda)

Balcony 2 - Normal - 242,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Student - 165,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Normal - 198,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Student - 154,00 ₺


DAY2 - October 3rd

Yellow Pass - Daily Ticket Price: 407,00 ₺

Normal - Daily Ticket Price: 275,00 ₺

Student Daily Ticket Price:: 176,00 ₺ (Sınırlı Sayıda)

Balcony 2 - Normal - 242,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Student - 165,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Normal - 198,00 ₺

Balcony 2 - Student - 154,00 ₺

- All events that will take place at Zorlu PSM are subject to special rules due to the pandemic. Anyone who buys a ticket is deemed to abide by these rules and accept the sanctions.
- At the entrance, your body temperature will be measured by Zorlu Center staff. Guests with a body temperature above 38C will not be admitted.
- There will be HES Code query via Hayat Eve Sığar application. Guests attending to the event must download the Hayat Eve Sığar application and obtain a HES code before coming to the venue. Guests will be enter to the event if the result is "not risky". 
- Guests aged 18 and above should make sure that the HES application is up-to-date and that the Risk Status, Vaccination Status, Disease Status and Test Status settings should be open to sharing. 
- It is obligatory for our guests aged 18 and above to show a vaccination card or to hold a negative PCR test result (valid maximum 48 hours) through the HES application. Guests who have completed the vaccination schedule determined by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey can be entered as of the 14th day following the last vaccination date. Guests who had Covid before, can enter the hall after the 180 days isolation period, If a person not had the disease or are not vaccinated or has a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.
- New masks will be distributed by Zorlu PSM at the entrance of the event. It is obligatory to wear the newly supplied masks to raise awareness in the area.
- Doors will be open at 17:45 pm. 
- Everyone who will enter the festival area is subject to a ticket, regardless of age.
- The minimum age limit for the performance is 18.  Minor audience members (-18) can only attend the event with their parents (mother/father). Children under the age of 8 will not be allowed to attend.
- Attendees without a valid ID/Driver’s License/Passport will not be allowed into the festival.
- There will be a bag & body check at the entrance.
- It is forbidden to take food and beverages to the event area.
- It is not allowed to enter the festival area with professional audio and video equipment (video camera and camera), and selfie stick.
- Flammable and/or explosive liquid or gas substances, pepper gas and tasers will not be allowed into the festival area.
- Festival wristbands must always be on the wrist. Do not remove your bracelet under any circumstances during the festival. Tickets will be checked daily. Do not lose your ticket.
- Your ticket, and the wristband given to by the festival gives the right to enter the festival area in designated hours. If you lose your wristband and/or ticket or take off your wristband you will lose the right to attend the festival.  The organizer and Passo will not be responsible for lost tickets and/or wristbands.
- Seating arrangement may vary according to the regulations and official warnings of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
- According to the rules of the circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, there are spaces between the seats in all directions.
- It is obligatory for the guests to comply with the specified seating arrangement. Location changes are not allowed during the event.
- In order to maintain physical distance, please do not stand up for dancing during the event.
- The fog effect will be used frequently during the events.
- Please be informed that the event consists of excessive sound levels.  For our guests with sound sensitivity, earplugs will be available on the festival site. 
- The event includes visual effects that are not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
- All items that are not put in the cloakroom will be under the responsibility of their owner. Items that are placed in lockers, will be under the responsibility of their owner once they are locked.
- All payments in the festival area will be made by PSM Card. Guests who already have a card are recommended to bring it to the festival.
- Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor spaces. Attendees who break this rule will be taken out of the festival area without warning and will not receive a refund.
- You can only leave the festival area once until 1 AM. Attendees who leave after 1 AM, will not be allowed to re-enter on that day. Yellowpass holders will not have any restrictions on entry and exit from the festival area.
*** Yellowpass holders will be given a 20% discount at the designated bars within the festival area with PSM Card. 
Private WC will be provided for guests with Yellowpass tickets,
Guests with Yellowpass tickets will be provided with free wi-fi.
Guests with Yellowpass tickets will be given priority in entering the festival area,
Guests with Yellowpass tickets will be given unlimited access to the festival area.
Free private cloakroom will be allocated to guests with Yellowpass tickets.
- Tickets are not refundable.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to change the conditions for purchasing discounted tickets.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to change the venue and time of the event.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to deny admission to the event venue by refunding the ticket price of those who are deemed unsuitable for the event.
- The festival will be held in all weather conditions.
- The right to use the video footage of the participants in the online broadcast platforms belongs to the organizer company, and the guests accept the use of this right by participating in the event.