PSM Loves Summer: Half Moon Run
22 June 20:15 - %100 Studio
Doors: 20.00
Half Moon Run: 21.00

Indie rock band Half Moon Run will take the stage at 100% Studio on June 22, 2022 as part of PSM Loves Summer!

Known for using intensely layered percussion in their productions, group vocal harmonies and playing multiple instruments during live performances, Half Moon Run made a quick entrance into the music world with 'Dark Eyes', which was awarded the Platinum Record by MC in 2012.

Formed by Devon Portielje, Connor Molander and Dyşan Philips, the group has solidified its place in the music world by performing at international festivals such as Glastonbury, South by Southwest and WayHome Music & Arts Festival.

Continuing their production with the albums 'Sun Leads Me On' in 2015 and 'A Blemish in the Great Light' in 2019, the group won the title of 'Alternative Album of the Year' at the first Juno Awards with their album 'A Blemish in the Great Light'. They were also nominated for "Best Group" at the Juno Awards in 2021.

Continuing their production without slowing down during the quarantine period that affected the whole world, Half Moon Run met with the listeners of their EP called 'Seasons of Change'. Half Moon Run, which met their fans at their homes with the 'Covideo Sessions' they created on YouTube during the pandemic, presented their "Inwards & Onwards" EPs to the audience in 2021.


Genel Satış / General Admission Fiyat: 247,50 ₺

Öğrenci / Student Fiyat: 165,00 ₺

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%100 Studio

%100 Studio, hosting many unforgettable events with its original atmosphere and impressive sound performance, hosts events like theatres, electronic music parties, performances and press conferences with its capacity of 200 seated to 800 standing guests.

%100 Studio, having hosted names such as Oh Sees, Grails, Mono, Fakear, God Is An Astronaut, Moon Duo, John Maus, Polo & Pan, Alice Merton, Hooverphonic, Thylacine and many more became the number one spot for contemporary music in Istanbul. 

Besides, the Lokalize series where distinguished names of the local scene perform, The Royal Opera House and the Bolshoi Ballet Screenings, and various theatre groups take stage on %100 Studio.

%100 Studio, bringing local and foreign bands of different genres and DJs to lovers of music, hosts dynamic and young events with its impressive sound system and striking scene design.