PSM Jazz Festival: Metronomy presented by %100 Music
20 April 2022 - 20:00 - Turkcell Stage - Standing
Doors: 20.00

Metronomy, one of the most beloved names of indie electronic music, combining electronic music with rock in the most creative way, will be at Zorlu PSM for an unforgettable night on April 22th with the contributions of %100 Music!

Metronomy, which was founded as a side project in England in 1999 by multi-instrumentalist and producer Joseph Mount, soon reached the point where they gave direction to indie electronic music. Metronomy, which became a primary priority with the participations of keyboard/saxophonist Oscar Cash and keyboard/bass guitarist Gabriel Stebbing, attracted attention with their energetic live performances and covers for bands such as Britney Spears, U2 and Gorillaz. In 2005, they released their first single with the Holiphonic Records label, and in 2006 released their debut album "Pip Paine (Pay the £ 5000 You Owe). In 2007, they switched to Because Music and reached larger audiences with their album "Nights Out" and singles like "Heartbreak" and "My Heart Rate Rapid". In 2011, they released their album "The English Riviera", which achieved international success, was nominated for the Mercury Music Award and shook the UK charts to its core. Success was followed by two more albums and the band eventually began performing in the world's biggest festivals and prestigious halls. During this period, they supported Coldplay's US tour, made album launches with world-famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and signed special projects with major brands. Their latest album, "Metronomy Forever", which was released in September 2019, consisting of 17 songs, is considered a continuation of the album "Summer 08" released in 2016. Metronomy, which brings out the most colorful and diverse production to date and combines electronic and rock music in the most creative way, will be hosted at Zorlu PSM on April 22th with the contributions of %100 Music

“When you’re about to release your sixth record, and when you feel like you have had a career in music, you’re slightly aware of having a ‘legacy’. I liked the idea that with Metronomy, maybe I can create this mythology that we’ve been around since the dawn of creation, and we’ll be around long after you die.” - Joseph Mount 2019


Early Bird: 132,00 ₺

Student: 99,00 ₺

Under Age 18 - Distant View 99,00 ₺

Accessibility: 99,00 ₺

- The minimum age limit is 18.  Minor audience members (-18) can attend the event with their parents (mother/father).

- The doors open at the specified time

- Zorlu PSM holds the right to change the terms of purchase for discounted tickets. 

- Event management reserves the right to refund tickets and deny access to the venue.

- Student tickets are limited and only valid for those holds a valid Student ID. On the day of the event, the guests must present their valid Student ID. 

- This event will be on stage/standing.

- Please beware of the high volume level in this event.

- This event contains strobe lighting which may be harmful for photosensitive epilepsy.

- Unattended belongings outside the cloakroom are not the responsility of the premises.

- Attention please; this event contains smog effect.

- Guests are not allowed to enter the venue with backpacks. Backpacks can be dropped off at the cloackroom on floor B1 or B3.

Turkcell Stage - Standing

Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 1500 to 3500 guests standing. Turkcell Stage has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.