PSM Jazz Festival: Kavkaz Jazz Quartet
21 May 2021 - 19:00 - touché
Doors: 19.00

Kavkaz Jazz Quartet consists of four musicians with different musical expressions and touch, will come together for their first performance in Turkey on May 21st 2021, as a part of  PSM Jazz Festival!


Kavkaz Jazz Quartet was founded for the first time in 2017 by Salman Gambarov, Armen Hyusnunts, Şentürk Öztaş and George Melikishvili, who came together for a training program at the Kavkaz Jazz Festival held in Tbilisi. In addition to being a musical union, they also set out as a peace project and adopted music in the framework of absolute respect, standing side by side on the same stage despite all the conflicts in the Caucasus region. Every concert is a celebration of being human, an elegant reminder that we are human before we are. Among them there are no identities, only music and love. The music created by these four musicians based on their local culture; It is free from religion, language, race, troubles in the region and knows no boundaries like jazz itself.


Salman Gambarov (Azerbaijan): Piano

Armen Hyusnunts (Armenia): Tenor & soprano saxophone

Öztaş Senturk (Turkey): Bass guitar

George Melikishvili (Georgia): Drum


jazz | world music


Zorlu PSM's new club touché, hosting approximately 120 people with a very special menu which appeals to both food and music taste.

Touché, offers a diverse program to its guests, featuring stand-up comedians, local artists, as well as foreign musicians.

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