PSM Jazz Festival: Jethro Tull The Prog Years
17 June 2022 - 20:30 - Turkcell Stage
Doors: 20.30

The legend Jethro Tull, one of the most successful and most permanent bands in the world, contributing songs such as "Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath" to progressive rock history, will be the guest of PSM Jazz Festival on June 17th 2022 as part of the Jethro Tull The Prog Years tour!

When it comes to progressive rock, the first name that comes to our mind is Ian Anderson and, of course, Jethro Tull, of which he is a member. The influential band gave their first concert in London's famous Marquee Club in 1968. When they were first founded, the band consisted of Anderson, Cornick, Bunker, and Abrahams and they released their first album "This Was" with the Island Records label in the same year. It can’t be denied that Tull wrote an important part of progressive rock history, with an uncountable amount of releases throughout their musical career. Even though Ian Anderson, one of the star members of the group, who is engraved into our memories playing his flute on one foot continued to perform the band's songs on stage with his own name, the band survived as a brand. Anderson, who is the group's songwriter, producer, vocalist, flutist and sometimes guitarist, is still signing around with Jethro Tull up to 100 concerts all over the world. The "The Prog Years" tour, which will be a guest of the PSM Jazz Festival, will definitely consist of songs they describe as "more progressive". They will feature their hit songs from the albums "Stand Up", "Benefit", "Aqualung", "Thick As a Brick" or even "Thick As a Brick 2". On this night which will take place at Zorlu PSM on June 17th and will go down in history, Ian Anderson will be accompanied by  Jethro Tull musician David Goodier, John O’Hara, Joe Parrish, and Scott Hammond.

"There was another part of my brain that enjoyed the more mathematical nature of a very different music. So when I heard Bach and Beethoven when I was a young professional musician I felt that this was the kind of music that I could perhaps incorporate a little bit into my own songwriting.” – Ian Anderson 2017


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Turkcell Stage

Turkcell Stage, being among the world’s limited numbered most developed performance centers with its technological equipment, provides an exclusive and delighting experience to its guests with its enriched acoustic features.

Turkcell Stage expands to a space of 1.570 m2 in total including the 350 m2 movable area, (with 36 m height, 22 m wideness and 24 m depth) 528 m2 stage and backstage. The stage, formed of 12 separate elevators, comes to the fore with its construction enabling entrance to the under stage entrances. The totally mechanic orchestra pit, also being able to be used as a downstage seating area, is situated so comfortable and huge that it can host the greatest symphony orchestras. Turkcell Stage, with a construction of two balconies and a capacity of 2.190 people, puts the best equipment at the art lovers’ disposal with its advanced technological video, sound and light systems. Zorlu PSM, directing Turkey’s art life significantly, has hosted approximately 1000 performances such as the Cats musical, The Phantom of Opera, Gerard Depardieu, Hugh Jackman, PJ Harvey, Damien Rice and about 1 million audiences since the time it was opened. Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 3500 guests standing. The PSM has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.