PSM Jazz Festival: Dagamba #LudwigVanRammstein
16 June 20:30 - %100 Studio
Doors: 20.30

Blending different genres into one sound, Latvian group DAGAMBA, will be at 100% Studio as part of the PSM Jazz Festival on June 16th 2021 to perfectly combine Beethoven and Rammstein!

From Vivaldi to Beethoven, from U2 to Muse, from Led Zeppelin to the Game of Thrones soundtrack; comibing different genres and songs such as rock, pop, classical music and world music, the Latvian group DAGAMBA was founded by cellist childhood friends Valters Puce and Antons Trocjuks, who were also academically involved in music. Percussionist Hamidreza Rahbaralam, pianist Dainis Tennis and percussionist / drummer Arturs Jermaks; became the names that expanded and developed the group's multi-cultural and diverse structure. DAGAMBA, who have managed to create a unique sound by bringing together distant music cultures, reinforces this with their dynamic live performances. Combining their academic identity with their rebellious spirits and dominance over their instruments, the group members manage to get across the feel of DAGAMBA in every piece they play, albeit in different genres. The group, who defines themselves as classical music hooligans and establish melodic ties between Ludwig Van Beethoven and Rammstein, will be at %100 Studio as a part of PSM Jazz Festival on June 16th 2021 with their special project #LudwigVanRammstein.


General Sales: 88,00 ₺
Student: 55,00 ₺
Accesibility: 55,00 ₺

- The minimum age limit is 18.  Minor audience members (-18) can attend the event with their parents (mother/father).

- The doors open at the specified time

- Zorlu PSM holds the right to change the terms of purchase for discounted tickets. 

- Event management reserves the right to refund tickets and deny access to the venue.

- Student tickets are limited and only valid for those holds a valid Student ID. On the day of the event, the guests must present their valid Student ID. 

- Please beware of the high volume level in this event.

- This event contains strobe lighting which may be harmful for photosensitive epilepsy.

- Unattended belongings outside the cloakroom are not the responsility of the premises.

- Attention please; this event contains smog effect.

- Guests are not allowed to enter the venue with backpacks. Backpacks can be dropped off at the cloackroom on floor B1 or B3.

%100 Studio

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