PSM Jazz Festival: Chromatics / Desire (Chromatics + Desire (Italians Do It Better Night)
15 June 2021 - 20:00 - Turkcell Stage - Standing
Doors: 20.00

Get ready for “Italians Do It Better Night”, with italo-disco group Chromatics and new wave group Desire on the stage, held for the first time in our country as part of the PSM Jazz Festival on June 15th for an unforgettable night where disco rhythms will meet dark melodies!


The successful synthpop/Italo disco group Chromatics from Portland, Oregon and the Canadian new wave / synthpop group Desire, are two projects of that Johnny Jewel; the founder of the independent record label Italians Do It Better, is involved with both as a producer and as a musician. The two groups performed together during their "Double Exposure" tour and doubled their fans along the process with their ravishing performances. Chromatics, who have carried their music higher with every song they released and with the stance of the Italians Do It Better collective, shook the charts with their new album "Closer To Gray" released last October. In 2009, Desire released their "Under Your Spell" album and a track with the same name, winning over hearts in a short amount of time. For the first time in Turkey, the two groups Chromatics and Desire are coming together as a part of PSM Jazz Festival on June 15th for a special “Italians Do It Better Night”!



synthpop | dream-pop | new wave | italo disco

Turkcell Stage - Standing

Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 1500 to 3500 guests standing. Turkcell Stage has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.