PSM Jazz Festival: Alexis Ffrench - European Dreamland Tour
10 March 2021 - 19:00 - touché
Doors: 19.00

Classical music composer, master pianist and producer Alexis Ffrench, will be a guest of PSM Jazz Festival to play his enchanting album “Dreamland” as a part of his European tour on May 2nd! 

Alexis Ffrench, the talented musician who is a contemporary composer, pianist and producer, creates melodies that have the power to heal our daily hustles. Growing like an avalanche in the world of modern classical music with his touching, unforgettable performances, the star is releasing his latest album “Dreamland”. Spreading like a ray of light from the piano keys, the album creates an atmosphere that revives the audience. We meet at the touché on May 2nd, as part of PSM Jazz Festival to indulge in the melodies of Alexis Ffrench and to experience a serene oasis.

Alexis Ffrench – 2019

[“Classical music is a ‘glorious idea’ – a living, evolving genre that deserves to be as populist today as it was in the days of Mozart and Beethoven. Classical isn’t for the elite few, it is for everybody – why not mainstream?”]


classical music  · pop · rock 


Zorlu PSM's new club touché, hosting approximately 120 people with a very special menu which appeals to both food and music taste.

Touché, offers a diverse program to its guests, featuring stand-up comedians, local artists, as well as foreign musicians.

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