Pantha du Prince
19 March 21:00 - Online

Berlin-based techno composer Hendrik Weber saw the name, which means "panther of the prince" in French, in a dream and acquired it as his new project that marked his transition from the house and minimal techno to the self-defined genre; sonic House, bringing together elements of acoustic, electronically altered field recordings and shoegazing references.

The moniker Pantha du Prince was launched in 2002 with the 12'' titled Nowhere and the debut studio album Diamond Daze was released in 2004. This Bliss (2007) explored travel, time, and the joy of forward motion while Weber made his real breakthrough with his third album; Black Noise.  Released on the Rough Trade Records label to broad acclaim, the album featured Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear from Animal Collective and Tyler Pope of LCD Soundsystem.

In 2013, Elements of Light, Pantha du Prince's collaborative album with The Bell Laboratory, was released. Weber continued his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory's Bendik Kjeldsberg in The Triad (2016), which also featured Scott Mou, a.k.a. Mr. Queens. The track titled Lions Love from the album is a reference to Agnes Varda’s film of the same title, also tying into the concept of the album, which is about a triadic relationship between a woman and two men in Los Angeles. Another film referenced in the album is Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond, which Weber claims resembles the album with the theme of concrete utopia. Weber sang most of his own songs in The Triad, completing the album with the vintage analog equipment of Joachim Schütz and his studio in Swabia, after recording several tracks in Berlin and Los Angeles.

With his latest album, “Conference of Trees” Weber presents a unique combination of electronic music and traditional instruments as he explores and interprets the communication of trees and, based on this exploration, creates a phenomenal sound concept.


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