Nocturnal Symposium
21 May 21:00 - 12 June 21:00 - Sky Lounge

The audience will hold their breath as they watch the Nocturnal Symposium. Adapted from Eric de Volder’s play and directed by Mesut Arslan, this performance shines through for its stage design, narrative and interaction with the audience. A mother, three sons and an absent father discover the limits of communication, moving with spinning tops around the excellent scenic design by Lawrence Malstaf and Meryem Bayram.

Mesut Arslan, in contrast with the linearity of the text, creates a universal meaning that is much more than a matter of watching and listening around the circular axis of feelings and intuition. He transforms the tragedy of a family into a daily ritual and remarks: ‘The play revolves around the absent father, who holds his family in an iron grip, even though he only makes his appearance at the end of the story. Anyone who reads the play will immediately think that the father is the worst person in the world. I see it differently. In the course of history, systems have harmed people more than people have harmed each other. I want to expose that in this production’.

* This event is held in Turkish. 

Regular - 90 TL

Student - 60 TL

This performance is not recommended for guests with epilepsy.

This performance contains high volume. 

The age limit for this performance is 18. 

Seating is random. Numbers for seats are randomly distributed 2 hours prior to the show. 

Sky Lounge

Being on the roof of the Main Theater, the Sky Lounge provides a usage area of 900m2. The area offers access via elevators and stairs by two sides. It can host 800 guests standing with its 18x24 m truss system with 3 cross axle and truss height going up to 8 m.

The Sky Lounge has hosted many events up to now such as the International Investment Summit Dinner, FIBA Woman Basketball World Cup Invitation, Hürriyet Gazetesi Human Resources Invitation and the “The Phantom of the Opera” invitation organized by Garanti Bankası special for their private banking clients.