MIX Festival presented by %100 Music
15 November - 16 November - Zorlu PSM

An experience between sounds continues!

MIX Festival Presented by %100 Music will be at Zorlu PSM on 15th-16th November!

First names announced from PSM’s highly anticipated festival on its fourth edition. The festival will bring together German DJ and producer Apparat who produces ambitious, emotive electronic music in a wide range of styles, from glitchy techno to exquisitely orchestrated experimental pop; another Berlin-based duo Booka Shade with a reputation as being one of the most celebrated electronic acts to come out of Europe over the past two decades; Worakls whose known for his glorious remixes as Salzburg, Porto and Joda; Joachim Pastor with his bright melodies, bold vocals and guitar; N’to who made a name for himself with his highly diverse tracks informed by 70s rock to 30s swing and trip-hop; Parisian electro-pop duo with a loyal crowd Isaac Delusion; named as Turkey’s rising star in the global music scene Islandman; French trio creating cosmic worlds with electronic beats: Jabberwocky; Belgian indie pop act SX; sometimes melancholic but always melodic British indie rockers The Radio Dept. and Ross from Friends are some of the exciting first names announced from the highly anticipated line-up.


Apparat (Live)

One of the biggest actors of the German electronic music scene Sascha Ring aka Apparat, takes his listeners on a journey between avant-garde, club and pop with his use of analog instruments. As we know him from his previous project Moderat and the soundtrack of Netflix’s show “Dark”, the star musician continues to add to his musical pallatte and brings new horizons with his latest album “LP5”.

What to listen?

·         Arcadia

·         DAWAN

electronic + ambient


Booka Shade

Berlin-based duo Booka Shade (Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier) have carved out a reputation as one of the most celebrated electronic acts to come out of Europe over the past two decades.

Merziger and Kammermeier founded influential label Get Physical in 2002, together with M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. They also contributed directly to the label’s expansion releasing their first three LPs, “Memento” (2004), “Movements” (2006) & “The Sun & The Neon Light” (2008), followed by “More!” (2010) and “Eve” (2013). In addition to their proven skills in effortlessly combining irresistible rhythms with melodic hooks, the Berlin duo has always stood out for their spectacular live shows, which constantly feature among the favourites in the annual Resident Advisor lists. This led them to be chosen by Depeche Mode as road and stage companions for one of their recent tours. They have also produced several remixes for artists and bands including Moby, Yello, Hot Chip, Tiga and The Knife, among many others.

What to listen?

·         Curve

·         In White Rooms

 electro + ambient + house


 Isaac Delusion

A popular duo in the history of French electronica, far from fads and excitations.

Rescued from a certain scene of the beginning 10 ', the time has made of them a precious object: pop music as no one does it no more, who loudly claims his Anglo-Saxon influences. With their songs out of time and off the ground despite the gravity that still weighs, spontaneous writing and simple and beautiful melodies, those described as gentle dreamers have largely proved that they knew how to dream. Thirties approaching for the two childhood friends, the need has slowly settled to reconnect with a saving energy, an innocence and freedom that was thought to be lost with experience and years.

What to listen?

·         fancy

·         Couleur menthe a l’eau

·         How Much (You Want Her) 2017 

french electronic + electro-pop



One of the most successful acts of the local independent music scene Islandman have carried their diverse sound all the way to Montreux Jazz Festival. Formed by Tolga Böyük, the project got the chance to work with Danish label Music For Dreams due to their rewarding first single Agit. The trio, playing an electro-acoustic live format mixes shamanic melodies with electronic sounds.

What to listen?

·         Agit

·         Dimitro

ambient + electronic + improvisational


Jabberwocky (Live)

Formed in 2013 by three young French producers, Manu, Camille and Simon, Jabberwoocky creates an electronic world with their use of synthesizers and cosmic melodies. Gaining the attention of the French music scene with their first released track “Photomaton”, the band started to make themselves heard all around the world. Two LP’s and plenty of vocal collaberations later, Jabberwocky greeted 2019 with two new singles guaranteed to make you dance.

What to listen?

·         Photomaton

·         La Yara

electro-pop + synth-pop


Joachim Pastor

After studying at Versailles Conservatory, he took part in many bands before starting to produce his music. His fast progression allowed him to stand out as a unique talent, soon well identified for his pop and melodic influences. In 2014, he creates the label Hungry Music with his friends Worakls and N’to, and that enables him to produce his music just the way he wants it, thus offering powerful vocals, colored beats as well as a gentle touch of guitar.

What to listen?

·         Reykjavik

·         Eiffel Powder

dance + electronic



Coloring his music by integrating different genres like 70’s rock, 30’s swing, classical music and triphop, French musician N’to became a key act in the world of techno. One of the three creators of Hungry Music Label, the musician takes his listeners on a pulsating journey with his distinctive style.

What to listen?

·         Carrousel (Short Version)

·         The Morning After

techno + dance + electronic


Ross From Friends (Live)

British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, aka Ross From Friends delighted his fans by releasing his long-awaited full-length “Family Portrait” in 2018. Blending hip-hop's cut-and-paste culture with 80's Eurobeats, the 24-year-old lo-fi musician guaranteed his spot in major festivals like Primavera Sound, Field Day and Park Life.

What to listen?

·         Thank God I’m A Lizard

·         Talk to Me You’ll Understand

lo-fi + electronic



Discovering them through their song “Black Video” on social media, SX quickly became on the important musical exports of the Belgian music scene. Touring all of Europe from festival to festival and taking the stage as the supporting acts of names like Vampire Weekend, Poliça and Ariel Pink, SX is delivering love, devotion and power through their most recent album “Eros”.

What to listen?

  • Black Video
  • Desgined / Desire

pop + indie



With their sometimes melancholic, sometimes energetic but always melodic indie pop, Teleman doesn’t neglect to add a little bit of electronic into their music. Formed in 2012, the English band is making sure their listeners are dancing the night away with their third studio album “Family of Aliens”.

What to listen?

  • Dusseldorf
  • Song for a Seagull

electro-pop + synth-pop


The Radio Dept.

Formed in 2001, The Radio Dept. first grasped attention in Sweden and then the rest of the world. They emphasized their success when three of their songs were used in Sofia Coppola’s 2006 movie “Marie Antoinette” and when they performed at Coachella festival in 2011. With their latest remix for “Your True Name”, they’re bringing new sounds to the plate all the while reminiscing on our favorite tunes. 

What to listen?

  • Heaven’s On Fire
  • Your True Name

electro-pop + synth-pop



The young French prodigy Worakls is a composer above all. He draws his creativity from many genres such as movie soundtracks and classical music. In 2014, he created the label Hungry Music with his friends N’to and Joachim Pastor, allowing him to express those influences fully.He is now unveiling his new project, Worakls Band, a live performance gathering several musicians (violin, alto, cello, and guitar).

What to listen?

·         Porto (Original Mix)

·         Toi

house + electronic


Advantageous Period - 143.00 TL

- There is 18 age limit. The audience under the age of 18 can attend the event only with the help of their own parents.
- The event will take place on the stage standing.
- The specified time is the door opening time.
- The venue has the right to change the event area and the time of the event.
- The venue reserves the right to make changes to the conditions for buying discounted tickets.
- The organization company reserves the right to deny entrance to the area of ​​activity.
- Hall entrances are limited by hall capacity.