06 September 21:30 - %100 Studio
Doors: 20.30
Midlake: 21.30

Alternative folk-rock band Midlake, which has been producing with inspiration from their hometown of Texas for more than 20 years, will be at %100 Studio on the evening of September 6th!

Founded in Denton, Texas by a group of jazz students at the North Texas School of Music, Midlake was heavily influenced by Herbie Hancock in the early years of their production and focused on funk and jazz sounds.

As time passed, the band, whose productions nod to indie rock, alternative rock, folk rock, and even psychedelic rock, changed their sound when Tim Smith stopped playing the saxophone and began writing lyrics inspired by the likes of Jethro Tull, Radiohead, Björk, and Grandaddy.

Having signed with Bella Union Records and playing in festivals such as Les Inrockuptibles, Wintercase, End Of The Road Festival and South by Southwest, the band started to gain an audience in Europe, and they packed 4 studio albums into their turbulent years.

Midlake, who introduced their fifth studio album "For The Sake of Bethel Woods", which was released in March 2022, to the listeners, gave the message that they were reborn from the ashes. Midlake set sail for a more thematic sound in "For The Sake of Bethel Woods", which has a feeling of warmth at its heart.

Midlake, will meet with their listeners in Istanbul on the evening of September 6 at %100 Studio!

“A rich, involving album... What really appeals is the mood, which connects to the earthy traditions of Crosby, Stills & Nash, Fairport Convention and other seventies types who believed that the right kind of music could lead to a better tomorrow... This is timeless music, sophisticated and elegant.” The Times – 4 stars ****

“Layered, sophisticated and melodic.” MOJO – 4 stars ****

“Their fifth album is perhaps their most purely enjoyable. The album mulls over time, illness and innocence, while the sprits of Neil Young and Stephen Stills set the temperature. It’s especially elegant around its mid-section (Feast Of Carrion, Noble)” – Classic Rock – 8/10


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- Door Opening 20:30, Concert Start 21:30
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%100 Studio

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%100 Studio, having hosted names such as Oh Sees, Grails, Mono, Fakear, God Is An Astronaut, Moon Duo, John Maus, Polo & Pan, Alice Merton, Hooverphonic, Thylacine and many more became the number one spot for contemporary music in Istanbul. 

Besides, the Lokalize series where distinguished names of the local scene perform, The Royal Opera House and the Bolshoi Ballet Screenings, and various theatre groups take stage on %100 Studio.

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