London X İstanbul Zorlu PSM Meets EFG London Jazz Festival: Jordan Rakei
14 May 21:30 - Turkcell Stage - Standing
Jordan Rakei: 21:30

EFG London Jazz Festival, one of the most prestigious jazz festivals held worldwide, is coming to Zorlu PSM this year as it celebrates its 30th anniversary! With London X Istanbul Zorlu PSM Meets EFG London Jazz Festival, Zorlu PSM is getting ready to host important names from the British jazz scene!

Jordan Rakei will be at Turkcell Stage as part of London X Istanbul Zorlu PSM Meets EFG London Jazz Festival on the evening of 14th May!

A soul-rooted alternative R&B artist who sings, writes, and produces, London-based Jordan Rakei debuted in 2013 with the EP Franklin's Room before issuing a slew of albums for Ninja Tune, including 2021's deeply personal What We Call Life.

Continuing his music under the influence of reggae and classical soul ballads, Rakei appeared before his audience a year later with the five-track EP Groove Curse, which was more R&B focused and inspired by D'Angelo. Jordan Rakei, who released his first album Cloak through his own label 4101 Records in 2016, reached wide audiences with Origin, which he released in 2019.

 Rakei, which received full marks from the authorities by Radiohead's "Codex" and Jeff Buckley's "Lover, You Should's Come Over" covers, solidified its place in the music world with the album What We Call Life, released in 2021.

Early Bird 2 Price: ₺253,00

- ID cards will be required at the entrance. Guests, who do not have an ID, driver's license, or passport, will not be admitted to the event area.

- The event has standing and seated arragement. Tickets purchased for seated category have limited-view.

- Guests with tickets should be ready at the door at east 1 hour before the start of the event.

- Guests must be 18 years and above on event day to be admitted into the event. Ages 12-18 must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

- Ages under 12 are not admitted to the event.

- The event includes visual effects that are not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

- There will be body and bag searches at the entrance to the event area.

- It is forbidden to bring cameras and photo cameras into the event venue.

-All items that are not put in the cloakroom will be under the responsibility of their owner.

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Turkcell Stage - Standing

Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 1500 to 3500 guests standing. Turkcell Stage has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.