Lokalize: Ayyuka
17 January 2020 - 21:30 - %100 Studio

Releasing their latest album “Maslak Halayı” in October of 2019, one of Istanbul’s favorite rock bands Ayyuka is coming to %100 on January 17th as a part of Lokalize series!

Active since 2001, Istanbul based Ayyuka was one of the first bands looking back at 70ʼs Turkish music to find a new voice. Not caught up in the retromania but reincarnating Turkish Psychedelic within their own sounds, the band managed to develop an unmistakable unique sound. Inspirations of Dick Dale, John Frusciante and local heroes like Erkin Koray, Orhan Gencebay make their music more guitar-oriented but their fascination with film music and improvisation brings unexpected twists within most of their songs.
Right after their eponymous debut in 2007, the band shared the stage with Sonic Youth and Johnathan Richman. Heading to completely instrumental music, their 3rd studio recording “So
̈mestr had already become a cult album for record collectors. For every new album, Ayyuka is experimenting with techniques of music writing and flirting with genres like afro-beat, funk, dub or arabesque, and the last chapter for this journey came out in October.


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