Kalben Performs The Beatles - Atan Kalpler Kulübü
17 May 20:30 - Online

WATCH ONLINE ON https://online.zorlupsm.com/

Kalben brings the fresh happiness of a child and rock’n roll soul to the stage. With songs engraved in our hearts, she will be performing “The Beatles, Beating Hearts Club” on May 17th at online.zorlpsm.com !

Kalben defines The Beatles Beating Hearts club as “In Beating Hearts Club, we will be feeling the soul of Beatles, which eliminates all of those labels categorizing people according to color, religion, language or sex and creates new ones based on music, dance and love. Tonight, we will pass by seven different eras of the beloved band and sing songs from seven different albums, feeling like kids again! If you are ready for some rock’n roll, please do not fasten your belts, forget about the rules, love your perfectly coincidental existence and dance!”


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