17 April 21:00 - touché
Doors: 18.30
JazzMatiz: 21.00

JazzMatiz was founded by Mesut Demir and Bora Tanyeli in 2007. Since then, they have been singing a repertoire of finest cover songs from genres such as blues, jazz, funk or swing songs as well as their own songs.

The energetic band that have been performing in numerous venues in Istanbul so far, released their first single “Güzel Serseri" in May 2016. They released their second single “Vale” at the end of the same year via all digital platforms. JazzMatiz which is composed of singer/guitarist Mesut Demir, saxophonist Bora Tanyeli, keyboard player Zeynep Oktar, bassist Deniz Tanyeli and drummer Mert Kazak, shared a new cover song and video in 2017, “Dalgamıza Bakalım”, which was previously sang by Ozturk Serengil and Sadri Alışık before.

With gaining much appreciation from the listeners with their unique music style and managed to create their very own audience, JazzMatiz invites you to a journey through the repertoire of the “Matiz” concept, where you will be led to songs that are drunk, angry and full of laughter.

A cheerful, melancholic journey from Ferhan Şensoy to Sadri Alışık, Charlie Parker to Louis Armstrong and from Tom Waits to Ray Charles…

Regular - 80 TL


Zorlu PSM's new club touché, hosting approximately 120 people with a very special menu which appeals to both food and music taste.

Touché, offers a diverse program to its guests, featuring stand-up comedians, local artists, as well as foreign musicians.

For reservations, please contact us at +90 212 924 01 28 and touche@zorlupsm.com