03 March 2017 - 21:00 - %100 Studio

Door Openning: 21.00
Grails: 22.45

Grails, the American band which has released 6 successful albums that combine instrumental rock, psychedelic rock and post-rock, will be at the #studio as a part of the tour of their upcoming album, Calice Hymnal, which will end the band's 6-year hiatus on February 2017! Majeure, the American space rock and krautrock project, will accompany Grails in this live performance that will take place on March 3rd!

Grails was formed in 1999 as Laurel Canyon and currently consists of Alex John Hall, Emil Amos, Wiliam Slater and William Zakary Riles. Having released their first two EPs through their own means in 2000 and 2001, gained critical acclaim from the local Portland press with their striking live performances. A critical breaking point for them was when Alex John Hall sent a recording to Neurot Recordings in 2002. Acquiring the name Grails right before their debut album The Burden of Hope (2003), the band adopted an aggressive sound that embraces different musical styles and attracted attention with each member's ability to play different instruments.

Redlight (2004) featured a much more well-settled sound than the debut album. This album was followed by Burning Off Impurities in 2007. 2008 was the most productive time in Grails' career with the release of two albums; Take Refuge in Clean Living and Doomsdayer's Holiday. Receiving critical acclaim, Doomsdayer's Holiday marked them a place for the cover of Rock-A-Rolla, the English music magazine. The DVD titled Acid Rain, which was released in 2009, was in a way a visual record of this productive period.

Having released their latest album Deep Politics on the Temporary Residence Limited label in 2011, Grails collaborated with the Finnish band Pharaoh Overlord on a split album in 2012.

Calice Hymnal, the brand new Grails album which will released after a hiatus of 6 years, will be released on February 2017, right before their live performance at #studio!

The members of Grails are carrying on with their productivity in their new projects. Alex John Hall was featured in Harvestman with Neurosis' Steve Von Till. Emil Amos, along with the bands he plays in such as OM and Jandek, has released solo records under the name Holy Sons and worked as a producer for Yellow Swans, the band from Portland. William Zakary Riles appeared in the tour of M. Ward as second guitarist. 

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