Emir Ersoy "Rhythmic Hands"
15 January 21:00 - touché

Emir Ersoy's project, which combines the energy of piano and percussion, meets the audience on the touché stage on January 15th!

Combining Cuba’s spirit with hot percussion rhythms, Cuba's most important drummers William Cardoso, Gustavo Adrian Contreras and Aleix Cuba will be accompanied by the bass guru of Turkey, Caner Üstündağ.

In addition to Emir Ersoy's own compositions, the group will adapt the classics of pianists such as Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, Cucho Valdez and bring modernized classical jazz melodies to the audience.

Cuban percussionists William Cardoso, Aleixi Contreras, and Adrian Gustavo combine their culture with this project to add excitement to the night.

Price: 91,50 ₺

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Zorlu PSM's new club touché, hosting approximately 120 people with a very special menu which appeals to both food and music taste.

Touché, offers a diverse program to its guests, featuring stand-up comedians, local artists, as well as foreign musicians.

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