BacktotheSound Music Festival
02 October 16:30 - %100 Studio
Kapı Açılış: 16.00
BacktotheSound Music Festival: 16.30

Bringing music lovers together since 2018, BacktotheSound Music Festival is taking place on October 2 at Zorlu PSM!

On Sunday, October 2, we will spend long hours in the center of music by bringing together the original, independent and powerful representatives of the local scene at %100 Studio! On the stage, we will host the prominent, promising and cult names of the local genre, one after the other.

Inspired by the melancholic rebellion they are in, GOSS has been bringing its own compositions to its listeners, influenced by synth-pop, dark pop, new wave and electronic rock styles since 2020. Kadıköy-based synth pop/electronic rock duo GOSS will be the name that opens the doors of %100 Studio to the festival.

Vincent Baykal Ada, who has started his music studies with the Sapan group as a soloist since 2020, released 10 singles and released his new EP 'A Little Hopeful and Very Dark' song 'Azip Umutlu' on Friday, May 6, on Avrupa Music (Grow). They will sing their songs at the opening of the festival as they prepare to meet music lovers with their label.

Afterwards, Vera will take the stage and bring us both her new songs and her entire corpus that she has created in the past years, at a high level.

Vera was founded in Denizli in 2004 by 4 high school friends. The songs recorded in the small rehearsal studio during his high school years and distributed on the internet were followed by university and bar concerts, demo recordings and finally the Be 'The Band' Music Contest.

With the competition organized by Babajim Studios in 2011, the group found its place in the national press for the first time. In 2012, their first self-titled EP 'Vera' was released. Having experienced the first turning point in their musical journey with this Brit Rock-based album, the group has released 3 studio albums, 1 EP and many singles to date. The group, which attracts attention with the winking of a different genre in each new song, has managed to evolve from a standard rock band to a modern music group over the years.

Vera, who made a name for herself with hits such as Happiness Advertisement, Hidden April and Invited, rose to the top of the Turkish Rock charts twice in a row with Sea Shells and Forever Till, which she released in 2020. Bulut Safir, the 4th piece of the new concept series that Vera started with Glass Edge (2021), was released on April 15 under the Doğan Music Production label.

BacktotheSound Music Festival, where a strong headliner and surprise guests will be added to the stage program, will be at Zorlu PSM %100 Studio on Sunday, October 2nd.

  • Early Bird Ticket Price: ₺121,00
- Door Opening 16.00, Concert Start 16:30
- Guests must be 18 years and above on event day to be admitted into the event. Ages 14-18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. 
- Guests with tickets should be ready at the door at least 1 hour before the start of the event. 
- The event includes visual effects that are not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to change the conditions for purchasing discounted tickets.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to change the event area and time.
- Zorlu PSM reserves the right to deny admittance to the venue by refunding the ticket fee if it deems unsuitable for the event.
- Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor spaces. Attendees who break this rule will be taken out of the event area without warning and will not receive a refund.
- It is forbidden to bring food and drink into the event venue.
- It is forbidden to bring cameras and photo cameras into the event venue.
- Do not take off your wristband under any circumstances and do not lose your ticket.
- Your ticket, and the wristband given to by the event gives the right to enter the event area in designated hours. If you lose your wristband and/or ticket or take off your wristband you will lose the right to attend the event.  The organizer and Passo will not be responsible for lost tickets and/or wristbands.
%100 Studio

%100 Studio, hosting many unforgettable events with its original atmosphere and impressive sound performance, hosts events like theatres, electronic music parties, performances and press conferences with its capacity of 200 seated to 800 standing guests.

%100 Studio, having hosted names such as Oh Sees, Grails, Mono, Fakear, God Is An Astronaut, Moon Duo, John Maus, Polo & Pan, Alice Merton, Hooverphonic, Thylacine and many more became the number one spot for contemporary music in Istanbul. 

Besides, the Lokalize series where distinguished names of the local scene perform, The Royal Opera House and the Bolshoi Ballet Screenings, and various theatre groups take stage on %100 Studio.

%100 Studio, bringing local and foreign bands of different genres and DJs to lovers of music, hosts dynamic and young events with its impressive sound system and striking scene design.