An Evening with Steven Wilson
22 July 2018 - 20:00 - Turkcell Stage - Standing
Doors: 20.00
Steven Wilson: 21.00

One of the most prolific musicians of the progressive rock scene, the ingenious musician Steven Wilson will be performing at Zorlu PSM on July 22nd!

If one takes a rough glimpse at Mr. Wilson's career, the breakthrough marks would be as either Porcupine Tree, the various side projects or the ever famous Pink Floyd references. Once you get through the prominent facts, you get to see that his outstanding work range from the likes of Donna Summer to Jethro Tull, King Crimson to Abba and even Donovan to The Beatles.

The accomplished guitarist's online CV (yes he does have an online CV; does tell a thousand words and here are some landmarks that will get you thrilled for the gig on May 2nd.

- Progressive rock scene's iconic band Porcupine Tree has released ten stunning studio albums with Steven Wilson and the next one's anticipation is already causing a lot of stir...

- In one Christmas morning, little Steven received one of the most useful gifts a soon-to-be musician could receive: vinyl... He got his hands on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby records at a very early age, and the rest is a distinguished history.

- Speaking of history, Mr. Wilson has no history or official records with the phenomenon of shoes. To be able to control the effect pedals more efficiently he goes on stage bare feet. Who needs shoes these days anyways, right?

- If progressive rock is the equivalent of a main dish for the guitarist's cuisine, then one should also try his ambient, drone, noise, post-rock, krautrock and shoegaze influenced starters.

- His first solo record Insurgentes' way crossed paths with cinema as well. Danish director Lasse Hoile not only took the sounds of the record, but also named his film; Insurgentes! Mikael Åkerfeldt, Aviv Geffen, Trevor Horn, Susana Moyaho and Jonas Renkse stars in the engaging documentary and it is a must see...

- The multi-instrumentalist has never grabbed a Grammy before but was nominated twice with Porcupine Tree, once with Storm Corrosion and once with his solo record Grace for Drowning.

- Apart from being a striking musician, his production skills went over the roof eventually. He has produced and played among Opeth, Marillion, Orphaned Land, Yoko Ono, Anja Garbarek, Pendulum and Anathema to name a few.

- In Mark Twain's case "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."... In Steven Wilson's case, clothes stand for studying influences such as King Crimson and Jethro Tull comprehensively and even having a chance to remixing them.

- Not enough? Well, then you can dive into Mr Wilson's countless side projects such as the likes of No-Man, I.E.M., Bass Communion, Blackfield and Storm Corrosion.

His fifth record is in many ways inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records that he loved in his youth. Lyrically, the album’s eleven tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the current era in which truth can apparently be a flexible notion, observations of the everyday lives of refugees, terrorists and religious fundamentalists, and a welcome shot of some of the most joyous wide-eyed escapism he has ever created.

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Turkcell Stage - Standing

Zorlu PSM, in its 3rd season with a totally new format, also built a new concert area that can be positioned as a winter concert area in İstanbul with a capacity of being able to host 1500 to 3500 guests standing. Turkcell Stage has been continuing both Turkish and foreign thematic standing concerts without slowing down.