%100 Music Warm-Up @ Amfi - Franz Ferdinand
19 June 19:00 - Zorlu PSM Amfi
Gülşah Güray: 19.00
Gülşah Turgut: 20.00
Güven Yıldız: 21.00

We’re welcoming the Franz Ferdinand concert sponsored by %100 Music with our new series %100 Music Warm-Up @ Amfi on June 19th!

Known for their passion for music, Radio Eksen's well-known DJs Gülşah Güray, Gülşah Turgut and Güven Yıldız will be preparing us for the long-awaited concert with their legendary choices of music. Let's meet at PSM Amfi at 7 PM on June 19th!

The event is free. 

Zorlu PSM Amfi

Zorlu PSM is moving into open air for a fabulous summer season. This new area, PSM Amfi has a capacity of 1.000 people. With PSM Amfi, you will be able to watch the world’s most important music festivals, sporting events and concerts live. We offer a new concept of art and culture platform by our 300 inch LED screen and stage.