While counting down to his performance at %100 Studio on October 4, we talked with German DJ/producer Stimming about the songs of his life.

What was your favorite song from the first album you ever bought?

Oh well, now it’s getting dark and painful: Fun Factory - Celebration. I was young....

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

Good question, I suppose it would be Steve Reich with his Music for 18 Musicians. It’s loong, repetitive, and incredible refreshing clasical rave music.

What was the last song you listened to today?

A track of mine in the studio, but I was listening a bit to Sleeparchive in between.

Which song makes you feel at home?

Tycho - Skate

What was the best song you heard during a live performance?

I admit I didn’t hear to many live performances from others. Somehow I’m bored very easily butI like to listen privately on good headphones.

What is your go-to song to fall asleep?

An album from Sígur Ros, but I can’t fall asleep while watching or listening to anything. Even when I’m dead-tired I will not close my eyes until the shitty series is finished. With two kids I don’t watch or listen to much right now.

Which song goes best with breakfast?

Maribou State - Wallflower

If your life were to be a movie, which song would play during opening credits?

DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe. This track comes from the first Blade movie and opened my ears. In a sense, this is the first electronic track in my life that I was able to enjoy fully.

Which song makes you want to dance?

Rough, cold techno. For example Sleeparchive but Fumiya Tanaka is one of my favourites as well.

From the songs you’ve been listening to lately, which one would you reccomend to the readers?

I love the album from “Leif” called “Loom Dream” and the new Moonchild is great as well. It’s called “Little Ghost”: next level R&B - incredible deep.

Which artist or band would you choose?

The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones     

The Beatles for their music, Stones for their lifestyle.

Metallica vs. Megadeth           

None of them

Massive Attack vs. Portishead             


Freddie Mercury vs. David Bowie        

Freddie Mercury

Ella Fitzgerald vs. Billie Holiday                     


Modeselektor vs. Apparat                   

Haha, thats a trap.

Guiseppe Verdi vs. Richard Wagner

Verdi! Wagner sucks.

Kanye West vs. Jay-Z                          

Kanye’s music is better, unfortunately from what I see he’s an idiot.

Oasis vs. Blur                                      


Kylie Minogue vs. Madonna



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