An Ancient Visitor: Léonard Bremond

Before his much-anticipated appearance at %100 Studio on December 12, we talked with Léonard Bremond aka Camel Power Club about his solo project, new release and his interest in Turkish music!

Since you are a solo act, the name makes us wonder! What’s the story behind the name “Camel Power Club”?

I always had a crush for the animal. I think their face is really funny, with a quirky smile, like they're already one step ahead of you with a bad joke in mind. They even look like they own some ancient knowledge whispered from one camel to another, through centuries. So yeah, That’s where the name came from.

With your strong and influential releases such as Oboe and Fisher, you made everybody dance! How did your latest release “Sputnik II” turned out for you? How was the process and the aftermath?

Sputnik II is more a bunch of singles we recorded between 2014 & 2016 put together. Not much planned.

Your genre is often defined as “electronic surf music”. How would you define your music and how do you think your music locates itself in the current French indie electronica scene?

Well, it’s not easy to locate yourself in the French scene when you live in the mountains 10 hours away from Paris. But I think the music is spontaneous, no song is written before being recorded, sometimes the writing can stretch across a few years.

This is your very first time in Istanbul! We are very excited to see you here. Have you been listening to any Turkish music lately? Who are your favorite acts?

Turkish Music is dear to my heart, because my first real job as a sound engineer was in Turkish Jazz Club in Brussels, so I met many Turkish Musicians. They are actually the most serious about the soundcheck and how the Oud and Saz must sound. I also learned to appreciate the unique scales used we rarely see in western Europe.

So I’m really grateful for this opportunity I had in Belgium.

What is your favorite lyric from your album “Sputnik II” and why?

I like these lyrics from Sankara on Baïkonour EP:

They are cutting down the tree of life,

Blaming easterns on the way,

Forever these boundaries will not stay,

They'll meet the people they betray.

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