A Striking Music Experience: 360° Stage Performance

%100 Studio will home 4 extraordinary concerts in scope of Neue! Step, all of which will be held in a 360 ° stage layout. What makes a 360° stage layout so special? We asked our Production Manager, Berke Cimilli.

Can you briefly explain what a 360° performance is? How does it differ from a traditional concert experience, in terms of set-up or how the artist is positioned on stage?

It’s a format where the artist is staged right in the middle of the audience.  All of our systems are set-up in a 360°matter. It’s completely different from the concert experience that we’re generally used to. Not only technically and in terms of production but also in the way the audience perceives the performance of the artist. Since the production requirements are minimalized in this format, the music stands out much more in the performance. 

Büyük Ev Ablukada, "Ay Şuram Hala Ağrıyor"

In scope of our newest festival Neue! Step, there will be four concerts in this format. What do you think this different stage provides? How do you think the communication between the audience and the artist is affected?

I believe the 360° format creates room for a free and unbounded environment. In my experience, being surrounded by the audience led to a more intimate dynamic that improved the overall tone of the performance. This environment also makes it easier to improvise. I’d love to talk about how this stage arrangement shook Michel Foucault's Panopticon Theory, but we’ll save that for another time.  

The 360° stage format allows the audience to stand near the artist. Neither the artist nor the listeners are in their usual spot. Both parties are basically in the same place, yet experiencing something completely different.

Sónar Istanbul 2019 // Ben Frost

Ben Frost’s performance for Sónar Istanbul and Büyük Ev Ablukada’s “Ay Şuram Hala Ağrıyo” performance was also in this format. What were your observations from these different events?

Ben Frost’s performance where the audience experienced the 360° while standing was designed exclusively for Zorlu PSM. The artist specifically requested to get eliminate all the boundaries between him and his audience. His fans sometimes whispered things to his ear and he was in constant contact with them.

It’s similar to Büyük Ev Ablukada’s concert. The distances are so close that, you can also hear what the band is saying to one another, unlike standard concert formats. You can be in conversation with the band as if it’s the living room of your home.