A Breath Fresh Air with Red Axes

We can’t wait to see you live at Istanbul. You guys are a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene for sure! What was your main introduction to electronic music scene? And who were your early inspirations?

We were first introduced to electronic music while living in Amsterdam in 2007. We went out a lot, and partied, and then we get to know the nightlife. We were influenced by the clubs back then.

You’ve been touring extensively and playing at some amazing festivals and venues. What’s the recipe for a perfect show?

We try to always come without too much plans, and just play what we feel like when its a DJ set, and when playing live, after many shows, when it starts feeling natural, then everything kicks in.

How do you find the time between touring these days to be productive in the studio? You’ve released 3 EP’s last year?

We are producing a lot of music, all the time, everywhere. The studio is not the only place where we create. So on the road, waiting for gigs, free days etc...

Your label Garzen Records is growing stronger. You even organized your own Garzen Festival. How are you curating the releases and choosing the artists you want to work with?

Garzen started in Tel Aviv, mainly so we can get our own music out, then it started to grow, as our friends around us asked us if they could release too on the label, and as our friends are amazing musicians it started to grow for the sound of current Tel Aviv.

What’s next for you?

New album out this year that we are very proud of, new EP trips nu 3 in india, some remixes, a lot of touring, just finished our 100% originals tour, and much more music....

Interview: Gözde Tekay