Royal Opera House Screenings: Otello
20 September 2017 - 19:00 - Studio

*With the presentation of Prof Dr. Yekta Kara.

Zorlu PSM will present you another classic opera with a screening from the Royal Opera House. The Royal Opera House performance of Otello, Giuseppe Verdi's iconic opera, will be in Zorlu PSM on September 20th!  

Based on William Shakespeare's classic play Othello, Verdi's Otello is a four-act opera with a libretto by Arrigo Boito, who also worked with Verdi in Falstaff. The opera made its premiere on February 5th 1887 in Teatro alla Scala, receiving critical acclaim with 20 curtain calls Verdi took at the end. The US premiere of the opera was on April 16th 1888 at the Academy of Music in New York and the first UK performance was on July 5th 1889 in London. Today, Otello has become the 25th most staged opera of the world, being regularly featured in the repertoires.

Set in the late 15th century in a coastal city on the island of Cyprus, Otello is a tragedy in which the title character is consumed by jealous rage as the crafty Iago tricks him into believing in an affair between his wife Desdemona and Cassio. The Royal Opera House production of this iconic ballet features Verdi's score which presents an essential example of the traditional forms and structures of the classical Italian opera, with a brand new interpretation by director Keith Warner, orchestra conducted by Antonio Pappano, and a cast led by Jonas Kaufmann and Gregory Kunde.  

On September 20th , Otello will be in Zorlu PSM with a screening of the Royal Opera House performance.


*Presentation: Starts at 19.00 and lasts about 1 hour. Screening will start at 20.00. Presentation will be in Turkish.

**Please note that this is not a live performance, but screening of the official recording of ROH performance.


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