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Lokalize: Hey! Douglas

22 April 2017 - 21:30

Hey! Douglas, a talented DJ who has made quite a name for himself in the night scene of Istanbul, will be at #studio on April 22nd as a part of the Lokalize series!

A solo project of veyasin, who has proved his success both in music and visual works as well as  his collaboration with Evren Besta in the eccentric hip-hop group Mode XL, Hey! Douglas brings the famous psychedelic songs of the 70's together with the disco rhythms of today in his mixes.

Having gained critical acclaim with the rearrengements of classic songs such as Estarabim and Ankara Rüzgarı, Hey! Douglas has been in the limelight with Yaşamak İstemem, his tribute to the late musician Yavuz Çetin, and İstiklal Re-Edit, which features scenes from Istanbul's İstiklal Street. He also appeared in this year's MIX Festival, which was a herald of the coming season of Zorlu PSM, with a memorable performance.

On April 22nd, as a part of the Lokalize series, #studio will feature Hey! Douglas, a talented DJ who frequently comes together with the Istanbul audience, yet always finds a unique way to entertain them! 

Warm Up : DJ Style-ist

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