Oh Sees
28 August 2018 - 21:00 - Studio

Post-millennium kids of San Francisco, the one and only Oh Sees is all set for their first gig in Istanbul! Presenting garage/psych music at its best Oh Sees will be at STUDIO on August 28th!

Thee Oh Sees are the latest incarnation of songwriter, singer, and guitarist John Dwyer’s ever-evolving pop-folk psychedelic group. Dwyer, who hails from Providence, RI, has been active on the San Francisco indie scene since the late ’90s, working with several bands, including the Coachwhips, Pink & Brown, Yikes, Up Its Alive, and Swords & Sandals, among others, and he formed OCS (which is an acronym for Orinoka Crash Suite, Orange County Sound, or whatever Dwyer decided it was on any given day) initially as a vehicle for the experimental instrumentals he was producing in his home studio.

Defining Oh Sees with a specific genre is quite hard, but their music positively reflects aspects of garage rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, art punk and late-1980 post-punk. Their newest album “Orc” which was released in 2017 shows that they have adopted a more distinct punk attitude in harmony with experimental sounds.

Having released 20 studio albums to date, Oh Sees are constantly using eccentric sounds to accompany their creative sound, which Dwyer personally produces at home. Brought together by this many mediums, their music is utterly unique, mastered, creative and colourful.

One of the many reasons why we love them is their spectacular live performances that remind the audience of street masquerades. Formerly performed on stages like Primavera Festival, POP Montreal, AMA Music Festival, Oh Sees is currently getting ready to conquer the Coachella stage in April before rocking STUDIO!

TICKET: 65,00 TL
STUDENT: 45,00 TL 



Another multi-purpose place within Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi is the Studio... 300 m2 big and with its changing capacity of 110 to 500 people, the saloon is opened for different activities. With its high equipped control and cutting rooms, the place enables symphonic and film music records in world standards, VIP solo music performances and recitals, press conferences, meeting events with the artists, rehearsals, workshops and coaching to the artists.

The Studio has hosted many well-known artist's recordings, rehearsals and press conferences up to know. It hosted many world stars such as Kenan Doğulu, Hugh Jackman, Fazıl Say, Russel Crowe and continues hosting.

Also defined as a new born concert place inside the PSM, the Studio started to become a place to many boutique concerts such as Elif Çağlar's and Xjazz Festival. It is also like a cut out for the theaters plays black box typed presentations...