MIX Festival
16 November 2018 - 18:00 - 17 November 2018 - 18:00 - Zorlu PSM

MIX Festival, will turn Zorlu PSM into a giant dancefloor with its rich program!

MIX Festival brings together some of the most prominent names from different musical genres in its 3rd year on November 16th-17th. Zorlu PSM will be transformed into a dance floor for two days without interruption. The festival also offers a full-fledged experience side events in addition to memorable performances.

Polo & Pan, beloved duo from Paris' hip-hop and old-school disco club Le Baron;  enchanting Norwegian talent Aurora,  Mabbas a master of firing energy and the fever to the dancefloor, Sophie Hunger a multi-instrumentalist who offers a magical voice, Glaswegian post-punk group Undo, techno's dynamic representatives Losless, R&B and electronic duo Tender are among some of the names that will fuel the insatiable music marathon throughout the festival...


Enchanting by name and by nature, there’s something decidedly singular and strange about this tiny Nordic musician with the massive talent. With an eye-watering 200 million+ streams and 500,000+ sales for her stunning 2016 debut album, ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’, it’s hard to believe that the dynamic Norwegian singer/songwriter is still only 21, and AURORA is now pushing things forward like never before.

Recorded in a fairytale studio/chateau in the middle of nowhere, somewhere out in the south of France, her new songs veer from the personal to the political, taking in everything from break-ups and death to feminism and environmentalism. The strident returning single ‘Queendom’ is not just AURORA’s ‘Time’s Up’ anthem, but a song for everyone.

What to listen?

·         Forgotten Love

·         Half The World Away

·         Runaway

Electropop + neofolk + indie pop

Baba Zula

BaBa ZuLa, a band with international acclaim as well as a broad fan base in Turkey, was formed in 1996 by Levent Akman, Murat Ertel, and Emre Onel. The band mixed psychedelic music with elements of Turkish folk and electronic music using traditional Turkish instruments, gaining critical acclaim with their theatrical performances on stage. Having achieved critical acclaim in festivals around the world such as Roskilde Festival, Printemps de Bourges and Now Festival, Baba Zula continues to bring the melodies of the East and the West together with its music and theatrical performances that rely heavily on improvisation.

What to listen?

·         Bir Sana Bir De Bana

·         Özgür Ruh

·         Aşıkların Sözü Kalır

Psychedelic + Turkish folk + Electronic

Barış K

Baris K's been a leading force in Istanbul nightlife for over 20 years.  All depending on time, line-up and crowd, turkish psychedelic dance music finds its way into K's dj-bag, which mainly includes house music and disco re-edits. A series of original and eclectic mixes, focusing intensely on turkey's hidden psychedelic funk-disco-folk music heritage, received him global acclaim. He is also one of the two core members of the istanbul based live folk fusion project, Insanlar. Their first 12” vinyl release, “Kime Ne”, came out on K's own made label Aboov Plak in December 2013 in Istanbul.

What to listen?

·         Derdiyoklar – Yaz Gazeteci (Barış K Edit)

·         Urfalı Babi - Disko Kebap (Barış K Edit)

Disco + House + Psychedelia

Cava Grande

Featuring Serkan Emre Çiftçi (Gevende) & Berke Can Özcan (123)

Görseller: Miray Kurtuluş

Known as one half of the internationally recognized indie-electronica duo Portecho, Tan Tunçağ embarks on a solo project under the moniker “Cava Grande". Hailing from Istanbul, this brand new project embraces a melancholic ambient electronica with the touch of warm analog synthesis and bouncy dark beats. Tan Tunçağ : Sequencer, Synths, Serkan Emre Çiftçi : Trompet, Synths, Berke Can Özcan : Percussion, Drums, Miray Kurtuluş: Visuals

What to listen?

·         Our Weakness

·         Sentinel

·         Playing Fields

Indie electronica

Emancipator Ensemble

A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling - more commonly known as Emancipator - has quietly established himself as a mainstay in the electronic music scene since the release of his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough in 2006. Classically-trained as a violinist from an early age, Appling's organic approach to electronic music production draws inspiration from a wide range of international cultures and musical genres, culminating in a refreshingly authentic brand of electronic music that has infiltrated global consciousness. 2015 was a busy year having released Live In Athens in June, and Dusk to Dawn Remixes - a remix album featuring massively-popular contributions from the likes of ODESZA, Little People, Eliot Lipp, and more - in July 2015 and now his first full-length album in three years, Seven Seas.

What to listen?

·         Greenland

·         Nevergreen

·         Goodness

Electronica + downbeat + trip-hop


Catching one’s attention solely with its name, this male duet of the French scene embodies a powerful concept. Not only did they choose this name for the universal themes by which they are inspired, such as love and erotism, but for with the emanating sensuality and strength therein. Such qualities are present in both the band’s musical compositions and live performances. Conducted by two singers whose duality is strengthened by their own differences, live performances are inherent to the band’s artistic proposal. In an intense search for scenic authenticity, they surrounded themselves with 3 exceptional musicians.

What to listen?

·         Five Minutes

·         Wanna Be You

·         Union

French indie pop

Hey! Douglas

A solo project of veyasin, who has proved his success both in music and visual works as well as his collaboration with Evren Besta in the eccentric hip-hop group Mode XL, Hey! Douglas brings the famous psychedelic songs of the 70's together with the disco rhythms of today in his mixes. Having gained critical acclaim with the rearrangements of classic songs such as Estarabim and Ankara Rüzgarı, Hey! Douglas has been in the limelight with Yaşamak İstemem, his tribute to the late musician Yavuz Çetin, and İstiklal Re-Edit, which features scenes from Istanbul's İstiklal Street.

What to listen?

·         Duruyor Dünya

·         Future Days – Hey! Douglas Remix

Electronic + Turkish psychedelic

Kazy Lambist

Gently flow the synthesizer chords, joined together with elegant bass and drums to a floating light footed pop. Kazy Lambist's music sounds just like the southern French area around Montpellier, where he is from. His sunny disco sounds are always interspersed with delicate threads of melancholy. Lambist's talent was soon recognized by the notorious head magazine Inrocks, which won him over to their lab. With “33 000 FT” (Cing 7 / Wagram Music) the promising debut of Kazy Lembist is now available. The record includes beautiful, rhythmic and danceable tracks like “Orion” and soulful songs like “The Essential”.

What to listen?

·         Doing Yoga

·         Headson

·         Love Song (feat. Glasses)

French electronica + pop






Created in 2012, Losless is a duo of French producers born out of the Benjamin Charriere and Etienne Laurent’s encounter. Halfway between experimental house music and minimalistic techno, Losless’ lives acts explore with singularity, this original mixture of styles where many machines and analog synthesizers gather. In 2016, Losless joins the label Emkan Records, signing three new EPs “Signature,” “Rur'” and "Largo" on which we can find a melodious minimal, purified and tortured giving the tone for their future Live-Act. In 2018, their new EP "Khoal" is released on Label: Traum Schallplatten. Through 5 tracks, Losless shows its singular style where syncopated rhythms meat their minimalistic universe.

What to listen?

·         Synecku – 2012 Mix

·         Come Closer

·         Topper Harley

Minimal electronica + house


One of the most talented and experienced DJs of Turkey, Mabbas started his career as a DJ in 1996, and gained critical acclaim with his radio programs in Radio Cool, FG 93.7, Radyo Eksen, Radyo 92.3 and Dinamo.fm. Conquering the stage in various festivals such as Rock’n Coke, One Love Festival, Phonem by Miller, Bughole and Creamfields Istanbul, Mabbas succeeded in heating up the dance floors both with his pure electronic and eclectic sets.


Nova Persona

Inspired by the multi-cultural electronic music scene of Berlin, Yeşim Koçal started her professional music career under the name of Nova Persona in 2016. Nova Persona will be at Mix Festival with her wide-ranging set from cosmic disco to mild techno.


Monality is a live electronic duo formed by Allen Hulsey and Erdem Tunalı. They combine deep tech and ethnic electronic music with tonal and stylistic signature sounds. The unexpected collaboration resulted in an all original live set composed of dance tracks. Their stage performance uses live vocals, electric guitar, synths, and instruments including fretless guitar, bağlama, kanun, and bowed guitar.

What to listen?

·         Itsula

·         Hits You

·         Bad Time Stories

Ethnic + electronica

Polo & Pan

Half a decade after first hitting the decks of the Baron, Alexandre Grynszpan and Paul Armand­Delille aka Polo & Pan are finally releasing their first LP. “Caravelle” tells the story of their travels across the world, placing the two music lovers on the same map as those many artists whose wish has always been to reconcile hedonistic dance music with the taste of a solar, timeless pop music. Aboard Polo & Pan’s ship, you will find quite an amazing combination of their melodic French touch with the soft, youthful singularity of their lyrics, and bold percussion patterns.

What to listen?

·         Canopée

·         Plage isolée

·         Nana

Dance + electronic


Otzeki is a project built around balance and duality. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the yin and yang of its members, cousins Mike Sharp (vocal, guitar) and Joel Roberts (keys, Ableton). Exploring the progressive nature of electronic music that actively avoids rigidity in favor of being what they call “expressive,” is a priority for Otzeki. “A lot of the reason people are not expressive through electronic music is that they’re putting it through software and playing it through a grid,” says Mike. Their debut EP 'Falling Out,' follow up singles has seen them pick up support from Radio 1, 6music and Radio X and a growing fanbase via tours across Europe and the US. Their album 'Binary Childhood' was released in early 2018.

What to listen?

·         Falling Out

·         True Love – Single Edit

·         Angry Fix – Pastel Remix

Alternative electronica

Sevil Soylu

Sevil started to Djing in Aegean coast heaven İzmir. The success of her DJ skills brought her to Istanbul and she kept growing up in her career with one of Istanbul’s biggest radio platform called Fg Radio 93.7 where she is still playing for 4 years. Also, she is a part of Istanbul & Barcelona based imprint called Petra Digital/Vinyl Recordings which has releases with some massive names such as John Tejada, Swayzak, Joeski etc. Sevil goes with the waves of her sounds from house music to techno then electronica - indie dance, disco, kraut, new wave until her higher acid level of music and will start to release her first grooves soon!

Sophie Hunger

Since her last album, 2015’s Supermoon, Sophie Hunger has been an active player on Berliner music scene. Presenting a variety of music at heart, she used a mix of English, French, German and her native Swiss German in her songwriting. Her original score for the Oscar-nominated movie “My Life as a Zucchini” gained critical acclaim and initiated Hunger’s rise on the European music scene.  Recorded almost entirely solo, it’s a twilight journey through the mind of an artist who’s long been loved by musicians and Continental connoisseurs and is about to plant her flag in the Anglophone world.

What to listen?

·         Le vent nous portera

·         Walzer Für Niemand

·         LikeLikeLike

Jazz + fusion + funk


London-based electronic duo James Cullen and Dan Cobb formed Tender as a humble bedroom project in 2015. The fruits of their labor materialized into a number of songs that they then self-released. They subsequently enjoyed hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud with their slick R&B-inflected tracks. Emboldened by their early success, Cullen and Cobb began putting together their first EP, Armour, which was released in 2015. They upped their output the following year with two further extended plays, EP II and EP III. Tender eventually signed to Brooklyn- and London-based independent label Partisan Records, which would release their debut record. “Modern Addiction” arrived in 2017, and was preceded by the singles "Erode" and "Nadir."

What to listen?

·         Nadir

·         Outside

Electronic + R&B


Thug Life – Hip-Hop, R&B Party “EXTRAVAGANZA”

Ready to dance all night? Istanbul's favorite party series Thug Life - Hip Hop, R&B Party hits the dancefloor with its brand new concept “Extravaganza” at the Mix Festival! Top hits of the dancefloor from Beyonce to 50 Cent, to Missy Elliot to Drake and to Cardi B to Kanye West will make you dance all night long, no stopping! Thug Life – Hip-Hop, R&B Party Extravaganza will be at Mix Festival on 17 November!

Turkish Edits

Turkish Edits, which has rearranged the Turkish funk, soul, jazz, rock and psychedelic songs of the 60s, 70s, and 80s for the dancefloor, was formed by the collaboration of various artists of the music scene. Acclaimed DJs of the Turkish dancefloor, such as Aksak aka Mehmet Koryürek and Discolog aka Cihan Aksoy are only two of them. Highly inspired by 80s hip-hop and house scene, Turkish Edits’ genius electronic adaptation of legendary Turkish pop songs such as Yangın Külü, Alla Beni Pulla Beni, and Koca Dünya makes it difficult not to lose yourself to dance.

What to listen?

Turkish pop + electronica


A long-time resident at Barcelona’s legendary Razzmatazz venue and former creative director at its club-within-a-club, ‘The Loft and Lolita’, an Undo DJ set joins similar dots, creating a unique energy rooted in decades of electronic culture. Thousands of international dancers have been illuminated by his numerous sets at the city’s flagship celebration of electronic music, Sonar. Undo’s music and approach is rooted in melody, and awash in a distinctly European sensibility. Together with Chicago, Detroit or modern-era Berlin, another influence on the musical evolution of Undo remains the often underappreciated Valencia club scene of the eighties and early nineties. Whether in the studio or behind the decks in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Mexico City or anywhere else in the world, Undo is an artist who sounds only like himself; deep, sincere and timeless.

What to listen?

·         Disconnect – Zombies in Miami Remix

·         Acid Prophet

·         Submarino


Zeynep Erbay

Being a classical piano student at the conservatory Zeynep Erbay involved with music at an early age... During her studies at Bilkent University, she started her radio show. During her music career, she worked in different radio stations. Selected to Red Bull Music Academy 2006 Melbourne, she met and shared the decks with the names like The Mizel Borthers, Aloe Black, Greg Wilson, Joe Batan, Alex Smoke, Patrick Pulsinger and Steve Spacek.


Aurora – November 17th Saturday - Turkcell Stage

BaBa ZuLa - November 17th Saturday - Studio

Barış K - November 17th Saturday – Studio

Cava Grande – November 16th – Friday– Studio

Emancipator Ensemble (Live) - November 17th Saturday - Turkcell Stage

Her - November 17th Saturday - Turkcell Stage

Hey! Douglas - November 17th Saturday - Studio

Kazy Lambist - November 16th Friday - Turkcell Stage

Losless - November 16th Friday- Studio

Mabbas - November 16th Friday- Turkcell Stage

Monality - November 17th Saturday – Studio

Nova Persona - November 16th Friday- Turkcell Stage

Otzeki - November 16th Friday- Turkcell Stage

Polo & Pan - November 16th Friday- Turkcell Stage

Sevil Soylu - November 16th Friday- Studio

Sophie Hunger - November 16th Friday- Studio

Tender - November 17th Saturday - Turkcell Stage

Turkish Edits - November 17th Saturday - Studio

Undo - November 16th Friday – Studio

Zeynep Erbay - November 17th Saturday Turkcell Stage





















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The minimum age limit for the performance is 18.
  The minimum age limit for the performance is 18.  
Minor audience members (-18) can attend the event with their parents (mother/father)
  Minor audience members (-18) can attend the event with their parents (mother/father)  
No food or beverage is allowed inside the performance venue.
  No food or beverage is allowed inside the performance venue.  
Entrance to the performance with professional audio and video recording devices is strictly prohibited.
  Entrance to the performance with professional audio and video recording devices is strictly prohibited.  
This performance venue is wheelchair friendly.
  This performance venue is wheelchair friendly.  
Smoking is strictly prohibited at indoor areas of Zorlu PSM. Those who do not follow this rule will directly be taken out of the venue and will not be let in. The tickets will not be refunded.
  Smoking is strictly prohibited at indoor areas of Zorlu PSM. Those who do not follow this rule will directly be taken out of the venue and will not be let in. The tickets will not be refunded.