Gökhan Türkmen
26 September 2017 - 21:00 - Studio

Gökhan Türkmen, one of the prominent figures of Turkish pop music, will be at Zorlu PSM September 26th as a part of the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım!

Taking the first steps towards his musical career while studying Industrial Design at Kocaeli University, Gökhan Türkmen started performing at various venues in 2000. After graduating from the department in 2003, he concentrated on music and started taking singing lessons.

Having reached over 5 million views with his song Büyük İnsan after uploading it to YouTube in 2008, Türkmen gave the same name to his debut album. The song was made by his cousin, Serkan Söylemez, and received critical acclaim along with other songs from the album, such as Ya Sen and Dön. After being named Best Breakthrough Artist at the Altın Kelebek Awards, Gökhan Türkmen released Biraz Ayrılık (2010), carrying on the success of his first album. He had released the most played album in radio and TV in 2010, as well as the most streamed music videos of the year. Songs such as Biraz Ayrılık, Rüya, Bir Öykü and Ayıp Ettin were especially successful, bringing Türkmen together with fans in over a hundred live performances.

Bitmesin, Gökhan Türkmen's song from his single album Ara (2012), was the most played song in local radios in 2012 and was the number 1 song at the list by Nielsen Turkey for 12 weeks, which was a record. The music video of Çatı Katı, the song from his latest album En Baştan (2014), quickly became a favorite of video channels, radios and digital platforms. He most recently released Sessiz on November 2016, being featured in Turkey's charts with its first hit.

On September 26th, the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts, in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım, will host Gökhan Türkmen, one of the most successful and productive members of Turkey's contemporary pop scene, at Zorlu PSM!


Another multi-purpose place within Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi is the Studio... 300 m2 big and with its changing capacity of 110 to 500 people, the saloon is opened for different activities. With its high equipped control and cutting rooms, the place enables symphonic and film music records in world standards, VIP solo music performances and recitals, press conferences, meeting events with the artists, rehearsals, workshops and coaching to the artists.

The Studio has hosted many well-known artist's recordings, rehearsals and press conferences up to know. It hosted many world stars such as Kenan Doğulu, Hugh Jackman, Fazıl Say, Russel Crowe and continues hosting.

Also defined as a new born concert place inside the PSM, the Studio started to become a place to many boutique concerts such as Elif Çağlar's and Xjazz Festival. It is also like a cut out for the theaters plays black box typed presentations...