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Sónar İstanbul

06 April - 07 April

Sónar Istanbul’s second edition will take place on April 6th and 7th in Zorlu Performing Arts Center. Once again music, creativity and technology will come together for an unforgettable experience.

Presenting the confirmed artists for Sónar Istanbul 2018:

ahu, analog kültür experiment, black coffee, booka shade, courtesy, damian lazarus & the ancient moons, erol alkan, fatboy slim, fatima yamaha, ferhat albayrak, flava d, forest swords, gas, honey dijon, islandman, jon hopkins, joseph capriati, kerem akdağ, lanark artefax, levni, magna pia, monality, nosaj thing, pan-pot, rival consoles, roosevelt, shigeto, vessels, vök, zeynep erbay and zozo. 

The first edition of Sónar Istanbul have been fully sold out. To avoid disappointment, we strongly encourage you book your ticket early.

The AV program presented by Digilogue includes Hakanaï, Adrien M & Claire B’s project that lights the mysteries of art, imagination and the real world; Hyper_Hologram, which presents the artificial intelligence and machine learning practices in a digital spell; Hero ヘロ, Onur Sönmez and Motoi Shimuzu’s second intercontinental collaboration after Mandalay installation; Daito’s project Phaenomena which creates a brand new experience with muscle movements; and Alvo Noto’s last project in which the artist creates a digital landscape on flawed electronic sounds. The artworks will take the guests to an audiovisual planet with digital traces. 

April 6


19.00 ahu

20.25 islandman

21.30 roosevelt

22.50 booka shade

00.35 joseph Capriati

02.40 pan-pot

04.40 ferhat albayrak

SonarLab by Red Bull Music

20.34 analog kültür experiment

22.20 levni

23.25 lanark artefax

00.30 shigeto

01.40 honey dijon

03.40 erol alkan


21.00 hakanaï / Adrien m & claire b

22.15 hyper_hologram / c / a

23.15 forest swords

00.45 gas


22.30 synthesis / ethem cem & tiber ergür & enes özenbaş

02.40 hero ヘロ / onur sönmez & motoi shimizu & sinan tınar


April 7


18.00 zozo

19.10 monality

20.15 vessels

21.35 damian lazarus & the ancient moons

22.50 jon Hopkins

00.55 black coffee

03.05 fatboy slim

04.35 tba

SonarLab by Red Bull Music

19.30 zeynep erbay

20.50 kerem akdağ

21.55 nosaj thing

23.15 fatima yamaha

00.40 flava d

02.25 courtesy

04.25 magna pia


21.00 I spy with my machine eye / liam young

22.00 vök

23.20 unieqav / alva noto

00.30 rival consoles


22.40 phaenomena / daito manabe

00.50 hero ヘロ / onur sönmez & motoi shimizu & sinan tınar

03.00 synthesis / ethem cem & tiber ergür & enes özenbaş

Ticket Prices

  • Ticket Prices;
  • Early Bird 4: 250.00 TL (Combine)
  • Early Bird 3: 200.00 TL (Combine) - SOLD OUT
  • Early Bird 2: 175.00 TL (Combine)- SOLD OUT
  • Early Bird 1: 150.00 TL (Combine) - SOLD OUT
  • Final Prices: 300.00 TL
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