Fabio and Grooverider, Dillinja, Total Science, 2shy, Five Alive: 25 Years of Drum and Bass Parties
21 October 2016 - 22:00 - Studio

Gates open at 22:00

Warm-up: Golem 22:00

Fabio and Grooverider, Dillinja, Total Science, Jumpin Jack Frost, 2shy ve Five Alive: 25 Years of Drum and Bass Parties: 23:30

One of the leading figures of drum & bass scene, legendary English duo Fabio and Grooverider will be at Zorlu PSM Studio on October 21st with stars of the drum and bass scene like Dillinja, Total Science, 2shy and Five Alive.

Fabio and Grooverider’s inspiring partnership has begun in the middle of 80’s. With the famous Rage parties in London, they leaded acid-house and rave scene. In the following years they were recognized as the leading figures of the drum and bass scene. On April 2016, they released a compilation called 25 Years of Drum and Bass. With this compilation, Fabio and Grooverider honoured drum and bass scene and their successful partnership. On this record they heave worked with the famous musicians like Goldie, Andy C, Roni Size, Bad Company, Pendulum and Chase & Status.

On October 21st, Turkey is going to witness one of the most important drum and bass nights of its history. Legendary drum and bass duo Fabio and Grooverider will be at Zorlu PSM Studio. The night is going to feature Dillinja, Total Science,2shy and Five Alive. We have to say it: Don’t miss it!

Tickets - 40.00 TL Student - 25.00 TL

Another multi-purpose place within Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi is the Studio... 300 m2 big and with its changing capacity of 110 to 500 people, the saloon is opened for different activities. With its high equipped control and cutting rooms, the place enables symphonic and film music records in world standards, VIP solo music performances and recitals, press conferences, meeting events with the artists, rehearsals, workshops and coaching to the artists.

The Studio has hosted many well-known artist's recordings, rehearsals and press conferences up to know. It hosted many world stars such as Kenan Doğulu, Hugh Jackman, Fazıl Say, Russel Crowe and continues hosting.

Also defined as a new born concert place inside the PSM, the Studio started to become a place to many boutique concerts such as Elif Çağlar's and Xjazz Festival. It is also like a cut out for the theaters plays black box typed presentations...