Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival: Ladies & Lads Swing Orchestra

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Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival: Ladies & Lads Swing Orchestra

04 May 23:00

  • May

Zorlu PSM Caz Festivali: Ladies & Lads Swing Orchestra

Door: 23.00

Ladies & Lads Swing Orchestra: 23.30

Ladies & Lads Swing Orchestra is a traditionally inspired Swedish swing jazz band. They are famous for their bouncy nostalgic tunes that they mastered in, playing for many years now in both national and international jazz festivals.

In the area reserved for Istanbul Lindy Hoppers dancers, you can enjoy a party for both your ears and eyes. To witness the miracle of dance meeting swing and travel through time with the power of dance, don’t miss your chance to join this wonderful parade!

Group Members:

Maria Schilling

Göran Abelli

Måns Persson

Emma Lönnestål

Sille Ellehammer

Sven Erik Lundeqvist

Mattias Uneback


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Ticket Prices

  • Full - 35.00 TL
  • Student - 25.00 TL

Please Note

  • *This concert has an age restriction of 18. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents. (mother and / or father)
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