Zorlu PSM Caz Festival: The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Main Theatre - Standing /


Zorlu PSM Caz Festival: The Australian Pink Floyd Show

08 May 21:00 - 09 May 21:00

Performing only Pink Floyd songs and creating a spectacular atmosphere by using lights, 3D projections, The Australian Pink Floyd Show will be at Zorlu PSM on May 8th & 9th as part of Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival!  

Band’s journey has started in Adelaide in 1988, and was formed by Lee Smith a local guitarist, obsessed with Pink Floyd. Smith wanted to form a group which would only play Pink Floyd songs as its best. He placed an ad in a music store, searching for vocalist and keyboardist. Not long after, Steve Mac and Jason Sawford joined the band, started to learn and practice to perform and represent Pink Floyd songs precisely. The most important purpose of the band was to be able to create the sound, the feel and the experience rightly.

They started out as Think Floyd and immediately started touring. Their music career improved quickly after meeting David Gilmour. Impressed by the band, David Gilmour invited the band to his 50th birthday party, asking them to perform there which was a huge step for the Think Floyd. The Australian Pink Floyd Show was at the peak of its performance at the Fulham Town Hall, performing “Money” and “What Do You Want from Me” songs to the Pink Floyd members and other stars. The performance was so successful that even Pink Floyd members joined them at the stage. Also, the band took stage at Battersea Power Station which was a significant place for Pink Floyd, referring the “Animals” album cover.

In 1998, TAPF performed at Glastonbury Festival, and continued touring for 4 years, becoming a rising group in the music world. Between 2003 and 2004, as a 30th anniversary celebration of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Mood” album, they toured from North America to Europe, performing around the world. In 2009, for the first time they performed at London Wembley Arena and not long after, in 2010 they performed at O2 Arena. In 2011, while they were performing, used 3D projections and lights, creating an amazing atmosphere to the audience.