Camel - Playing Moonmadness Plus Other Classic Tracks

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Camel - Playing Moonmadness Plus Other Classic Tracks

22 May 20:30 - 23 May 20:30

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Led by Anrew Latimer, legendary progressive rock band Camel will be at Zorlu PSM on May 23rd, for an unforgettable evening!

Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971. Led by founder member Andrew Latimer, they have produced 14 original studio albums, 14 singles plus numerous other compilation and live albums. Camel which cultivated a dedicated cult following combines elements taken from jazz, classical and Baroque music, blues, and electronic music.

Originally formed as a trio named The Brew consisting of Andrew Latimer, drummer Andy Ward and bassist Doug Ferguson, the band released an album as the backing-band for singer-songwriter Phillip Goodhand-Tait entitled “I Think I’ll Write a Song”. After recruiting keyboardist Peter Bardens and changing their name to Camel, the group signed with MCA Records who issued their eponymously-titled debut in 1972.

The album failed to draw any attention and Camel subsequently signed with Dream Records to release their sophomore “Mirage” in 1974. Despite not charting in the UK, “Mirage” found success in the States, earning the band a three-month tour of the U.S.'s west coast. The band’s third “The Snow Goose” (1975), inspired by the Paul Gallico novella of the same name, marked Camel’s official breakthrough. The album, which reached No. 30 in the UK albums chart was considered a masterpiece in symphonic rock, and gained an intimidatingly positive response from the musical press.

Camel’s subsequent album “Moonmadness” (1976), became the band’s highest charting album in the States, however was the last to feature the original line-up, with Ferguson departing shortly after its release. He was replaced by Richard Sinclair for the band’s fourth full-length “Rain Dances” in 1977, and as tensions were running high between Latimer and Bardens, the latter left the group following the release of “Breathless” in 1978.

With the emergence of punk rock, Camel’s brand of progressive rock took a hit both in terms of sales and press coverage, and their 1979 album “I Can See Your House From Here” received less attention than any of its predecessors. In 1981 Camel returned to release another concept album “Nude”, marking the departure of Ward with a serious hand injury, followed by “The Single Factor” in 1982, and “Stationary Traveller” in 1984. The same year the live album “Pressure Points” was issued, and following being dropped by Deram, Camel underwent an extended hiatus until 1991. Having packed his things and moved to California, Latimer, now the only consistent member of Camel, started the label Camel Productions, through which he issued Camel’s 1991 album “Dust and Dreams”.

Latimer has subsequently released “Harbour of Tears” in 1996, “Rajaz” in 1999, and “A Nod and a Wink” in 2002. The compilation album “Rainbows End: An Anthology 1973-1985” saw its release in 2010, followed by a re-recording of “The Snow Goose” in 2013.