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Athena Acoustic

31 March 2017 - 21:00

Athena, the most successful band of Turkey's rock scene who has enlarged their fan base with their energetic live performances and striking videos, will be at Zorlu PSM Main Stage on March 31st!

Founded by Hakan and Gökhan Özoğuz in 1987, Athena released their debut album Holigan in 1998. The album gained critical acclaim with songs such as Skalonga, Senden, Benden, Bizden and Holigan, the latter becoming an anthem for supporters' groups throughout the country. Their second album Tam Zamanı Şimdi was also a hit with the song called 12 Dev Adam, which identified with Turkey's National Basketball Team and basketball in Turkey as a whole.

 Continuing its success with Herşey Yolunda, their third studio album which featured songs such as Öpücük, Sende Yap and Bak Takılmana, Athena represented Turkey in Eurovision 2004, taking fourth place with the support of fans all around Europe. A Europe tour with their EP that involved For Real quickly followed, later turning into a studio album titled US in the same year. Their namesake album with hit songs such as Kime Ne was followed by the EP titled İt, which featured Köpek with Turkish lyrics to Nirvana's Breed. Expanding their fan base with their vibrant live performances and colorful personalities, the band took a little break when Gökhan and Hakan moved to London.

Athena returned in 2010 with the album Pis and continued their huge success with songs such as Serseri Mayın and Arsız Gönül. They maintained their success which came with their unique style with Ben Böyleyim, their cover of Frank Sinatra's My Way. Their latest album ALTÜST featured Kafama Göre, which unsurprisingly turned out to be another hit. Having composed the score for The Bad Cat (Kötü Kedi Şerafettin), the animated film of Bülent Üstün's iconic character, Athena most recently released a music video for Ses Etme which created a resounding impact with their portrayal of a drag queen.

Athena previously took the stage with its acoustic concert on November 26th and featured one of the most exciting performances Zorlu PSM has ever hosted, in front of a full house. They will be at the Zorlu PSM Main Stage once again on March 31th, for yet another memorable performance!

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