R.O x Konoba, Pale Grey

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R.O x Konoba, Pale Grey

22 June 21:00

  • June

Doors: 21:00
Pale Grey: 22:00
R.O x Konoba: 23:30


Raphael Esterhazy, known as Konoba, is an independent musician, songwriter and producer based in Belgium. Raphael released his first EP as Konoba in June 2011 with its follow-up, Mind the Gap, coming out in January 2012. His third release and debut album, Colours & Shapes, came out in March 2013 and has already earned him a lot of praise with the first single 'I've Been Dreaming' winning 'Best Song', 'Best Music Video' and the 'Audience Award' at the London 48MVP. His latest release Smoke & Mirrors hit the shelves in 2017, proving the best sound he produced yet.

R.O, a.k.a Olivier Rugi, started playing the piano at the age of 6. He continued with playing the guitar and hoped for becoming a professional guitarist at the age of 13. He explored the limits of the acoustics and furthered his journey in music by experimenting with electronica. He bound electro and house music with an insightful bass and sound design.

In 2012, Olivier released his first EP “Round 2” from Sons of Beat label and showed everybody what he is made of. Their collaboration with Konoba producing “On Our Knees” became a wild success for both artists who consecutively released collaborative singles such as “Get Home”, “Elle”, and “Rockstar”. Rugi inevitably found out the way to turn is youth into an advantage, hypnotising his crowd each time he plays his magnetic tunes.


Pale Grey mixes melodies and influences from hip-hop, indie and electronic music. They create a universe that reminds you of hot summer nights, but also of sensual clubbing in Berlin. Previously discovered on European festivals like Great Escape, Mama or Dour , Pale Grey comes back in 2017. Locked in their studio for more than a year, the band is back with a range of new titles mixing folk-pop, minor introspections, sounds experimentations, hip-hop and electronica.The songs of WAVES have been refined in Paris, where they have had a perfect sized crucible made of darkness and light.