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Milky Chance

27 June 21:00

  • June

The shining star of the contemporary music scene, Milky Chance will be at Zorlu PSM with their unforgettable songs and epic stage performance on June 27!

Before it can burst into flame, every fire needs an initial spark. For Milky Chance, that flickering introduction came a little over three years ago when they released their now infamous debut track “Stolen Dance”. After its release, Milky Chance ascended to the coveted number one spot in several countries, became the “most blogged about act” on the Hype Machine, and released the successful follow-up singles “Down by the River” and “Flashed Junk Mind” off of their self-produced album ‘Sadnecessary.’

Comprised of childhood friends Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, Milky Chance emerged from Kassel, Germany. It’s an averagely sized town slap bang in the centre of the country, the sort of place where everyone knows one another. But it’s also a breeding ground for creativity. “It feels easier to concentrate on what you really want to do if you’re not distracted by big city life”, says Philipp. When the pair finished school, they had plans to travel through Europe on a bus with their friends. The release of “Stolen Dance” and their debut album ‘Sadnecessary’ made this dream a reality, to the fields of Glastonbury, the desert of Coachella, and the stage of Lollapalooza.

Home, and the feeling of being entrenched in the foundation of one place isn’t just an important necessity - it’s a human need. And for Milky Chance, it’s also a feeling that’s tied up in a multitude of emotion. “As an artist, you fuel a lot of creativity by jumping on the bus and going somewhere new, but it’s also about being rooted somewhere”, says Clemens. After their debut Sadnecessary in 2014, Milky Chance released two singles: “Blossom” and “Cocoon” from their sophomore album “Blossom” which was released in 2017. Blossom for the duo brings forth a palpable sense of returning to a place of serenity. Or in Clemens own words “trying to find a place where you can be yourself and not be distracted; to slow down and reflect on yourself”. With that extended period of adventure and personal development now built into their roots since the release of Stolen Dance, there’s a renewed sense of depth to the band’s serenely alluring jams. It’s a sound that pops and bursts into life, but running through its bedrock is a sense of learning and reflection.

For Milky Chance, their music is a process, an experience, a chapter in life – and it’s all burnt onto one record that captures those feelings in detail.