Lokalize: Son Feci Bisiklet

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Lokalize: Son Feci Bisiklet

16 June 2017 - 20:30

Door Opening: 20.30

Son Feci Bisiklet: 21.30

Son Feci Bisiklet, one of the leading bands of the new generation alternative rock in Turkey, will be at the #studio on June 16th, 2017!

Everything started for the band 4 years ago when Arda Kemirgent shared a song called Uzaydan Geldiğine Göre Yorgun Olmalısın online, taking on a different dimension after the success of their Son Feci EP and especially the song Bikinisinde Astronomi. Founded in Ankara, the band gained critical acclaim with their style which reminded of Arctic Monkeys and started touring around the country.

With Arda Kemirgent on the guitar and vocals, Can Sürmen on the drums, Erkin Sağsen on the lead guitar and Ozan Özgül on the bass, the band released their first studio album titled Vesaire which featured songs such as Bu Kız, Modern Zamanlar, Ütopya and Pazar ve Ertesi last year. Having released three more songs called Sıkıntı Var, Zaman Yok and Reklamlar this year, Son Feci Bisiklet will meet the Zorlu PSM audience.

Son Feci Bisiklet, the band that captivates the audience with its energetic performances as well as their beloved songs, will be at the #studio on June 16th, 2017!