Levent Yüksel

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Levent Yüksel

16 January 21:00

Levent Yüksel, one of the prominent musicians of the Turkish pop scene, will be at Zorlu PSM on January 16th as a part of the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım!

While studying at the contrabass department of Istanbul University State Conservatory, Yüksel started to play for various bands with his bass guitar, which would later become a defining instrument for him. Having shared the stage with esteemed members of Turkey's music scene such as Fatih Erkoç and Sertab Erener, he released his debut album Med Cezir in 1993. The album became an instant classic with songs such as Yeter ki Onursuz Olmasın Aşk, Kadınım, Beni Bırakın, Tuana and Dedikodu, along with the namesake song. His second album Levent Yüksel'in 2. CD'si, which literally meant Levent Yüksel's 2nd CD, was released in 1995 and included Zalim, which would become one of the most acclaimed songs of his career. Throughout his career, he released the albums Adı Menekşe (1998), Aşkla (2000), Uslanmadım (2004), Kadın Şarkıları (2006) and Topyekûn (2012), while coming in the limelight with the fun music video of Bi' Daha in 1997 and the single titled Aşk Mümkün Müdür Hala in 2010.

Continuing his work as the lead singer and bass player of the band Sıfır KM with Volkan Öktem (drums) and Ant Şimşek (guitar), Levent Yüksel presented covers of Zalim and Med-Cezir as well as the band's new songs.

On January 16th, the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts, in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım, will host Levent Yüksel, one of the most beloved figures in Turkey's pop music scene, at Zorlu PSM!