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John Maus

25 October 2017 - 21:00

Door Opening & Gary War Warm Up: 21.00

John Maus: 22.00

Known for his his lo-fi, synth pop and experimental pop songs; American musician John Maus a member of cult bands Animal Collective, Panda Bear and Haunted Graffiti will be at Studio on October 25th!

Maus was born in February 1980 and grew up in Austin, Minnesota.  Experimenting with music from an early age, his first efforts were strongly influenced by Nirvana and film scores of the 1980s. He later studied music at the California Institute of the Arts. As a college student he was interested in experimental music, as well as Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. When he befriended Ariel Pink, he took a greater interest in pop music. He also has a PhD in Philosophy and his intellectual pursuits are reflected in his music style and content.

Not until his 3rd album We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, Maus had reached the cultish status he holds so modestly now. Lo-fi synth-pop album, titled after a quotation of Alain Badiou, deals with the new ways technology changes the forms of communication and self-expression.
Drawing on artists like David Bowie, Scott Walker, Nick Cave and Joy Division, John Maus with his intense one-man show will be at Studio on October 25th!